Some say “Kickball is the king of the playground” You decide!


Folklore has it that kickball is a game of passion, of tears, of blood. It is the single greatest game ever conceived, besting even that of a good game of dodgeball. Similarly to dodgeball, it is traditionally played with a big, red 10″ rubber ball. Traditional rules are similar to that of baseball (an infinitely inferior game, even if it is more popular). The chief difference is that in kickball you kick a ball, instead of swing at balls with a wooden bat. Kickball also involves the fielders attempting to get out the runners by tagging them, or for those with skill, pegging them. Knocking them over is a plus, but offers no actual advantage, as far as scoring goes. Now that we know what is said about our favorite playground sport, let’s see how it all went down Wednesday night at South Austin Rec Center:
Shakicks took on Kicking is Wrong in the early game to lead things off. Both teams had equal number of players crossing the plate but Shakicks couldn’t be stopped with some amazingly well placed kicks. Kicking is Wrong shook up their defensive looks but Shakicks kept them coming……kick after kick… after run. They crossed a total of 11 times to Kicking’s 3 to take the easy Dub-ya!

Shakicks laced them up again for their next matchup with Menace 2 Sobriety out on the diamond. Shakicks must have hit their wall by only scoring a single run to Menace 2 Sobriety’s 6. Menace posted up some killer defense that seemed to keep any ball from reaching the outfield. Nothing got through that infield! Well played!

Brews Your Daddy and Liver Let Die played an exciting game to wrap up the night’s games. These 2 undefeated teams went back and forth all game until Liver put up 3 runs in the bottom of the fourth and held on for an 8-5 victory. These 2 teams are undefeated for a reason….lots of great matchups, hustle, and determination to earn that Dub-Ya at any cost! Awesome game!

After the games, everyone headed to Doc’s for more fun and a few libations as well. Eating, drinking, and watching the World Series on this beautiful fall evening in Austin is why we love ASSC. Friends or foes, there were lots of beers pounded and dollar tacos enjoyed by all. Come back next time so we can do it all again!

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