Sunday Pan Am Kickball: Here for the Beer…and Maybe a Game

Week One

Opening night at Pan Am went off without a hitch! There are a lot of new players who signed up to get in on the action. We had four games this past Sunday, with all of them going good as most teams began to figure out how to play after 1-2 innings.


We kicked off the evening with New Kickz on the Block showing The AMLI Recess All-Stars that they were not a team to take lightly. New Kickz starts their season off 1-0, defeating AMLI 10 runs to 1. Scott’s Tots faced off against Pataderos De Pelotas in game two and was unable to pull out their first win, losing 2-5. Scott’s Tots’ loss did not go in vain as the Pataderos De Pelotas included the Tots in their post-game tunnel to keep the fun vibe alive!


The third game earns the “game of the night” title with Pataderos De Pelotas in their double header against Keep the Weekend Going. The Pataderos jumped to an early lead and appeared to seal the game, but in the last inning, Keep the Weekend Going launched a 6-run rally to keep the Pataderos De Pelotas on their dedos de los pies (toes). In the end, the 6 runs weren’t enough, and los Pataderos won the game 9 to 6. It was a great defensive game, and the fun tunnel was erected by the Pataderos De Pelotas once again after a friendly exchange of handshakes. Our last game of the evening had another double header featuring Keep the Weekend Going against team SundayFunday in a low-scoring game of 3 runs to 1 in favor of SundayFunday.


The excitement continued over at Craftsman where the Austin Sports and Social Club representation was overwhelming! Five of the six teams showed up to take advantage of the ASSC happy hour special: $2 Dollar Bud Lights. To that one team who didn’t show up (not naming names), where y’all at? Week two is right around the corner!


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