What to do when there’s a big red ball coming at you…..kick it!



Tuesday night at Gillis Park, Kickball

It’s Tuesday night and you’re cruising around Austin looking for some action. You see the lights of a baseball diamond but there’s no gloves, bats or baseballs. What’s going on? ……. what’s up with the giant red ball getting kicked around?….. it’s ASSC Kickball night at Gillis Park! Let’s see what all the excitement is about!

Win or Lose won a tight contest over Pitches and Throws. Both teams took a tie score into the late innings and it was anyone’s ballgame. Win or Lose managed 2 sneaky runs and took the win 6-4.

Primetime was headed for a big night rounding the bases over and over again….. like the rotisserie hot dogs at 7-11! Their first victim was Kicking Grass who managed 3 runs while they watched Primetime score 15 of their own. This team knows how to kick and run! Their second victim was Kicks Out for Harambe. Primetime hit a slump and only managed 10 runs while holding Harambe to the big zero. Yikes…..that’s a beating!

In one of the later games, Dunder took on 4th Base in an entertaining game, to say the least. A T-Rex even showed up to play and had an exciting play at home. His ego and dinosaur suit were a little worse for wear but Dunder did manage to score 12 against 6 for 4th Base. Awesome game and awesome sportsmanship! This is what ASSC is all about!

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be after the games …. costume or no costume…..all were welcome! Happy Hour is always a time to reminisce about great plays, great friends and great camaraderie!

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