Cash Us On The Sandy Courts in Pflugerville!

Hanover’s Week One

Week one at Hanover’s in Pflugerville was so much fun and was a great preview of what’s to come for the spring season of sand volleyball. There is an equal mix of newcomers and seasoned vets to bring plenty of competition to the courts. This first week’s featured games all went into three sets, so keep reading to see how it all unfolded!


Tuesday (3/28)

Net Returns vs. Kiss My Ace


Net Returns took on team Kiss My Ace in Tuesday’s week one opener, and what’s a better way to start the season than to go three rounds in your first game! Net Returns brought their A-game in the first set to win 21-16, but Kiss My Ace came back in the second set to show Net Returns who’s boss! Net Returns could only put 14 points up on the board…or in the sand…before Kiss My Ace ran away with the win, 21-14, to go into a third set. Game three was an absolute blowout. Kiss My Ace literally made Net Returns kiss their many aces when they went on a TWELVE POINT service run before Net Returns could get anything over the net. Kiss My Ace dominated set three, 15-3, and took home their first win of the season.



Wednesday (3/29)


Set it and Forget it vs Space Jam


As soon as I see the name Space Jam, I can’t help but automatically starting singing the Space Jam theme song or R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly…” But that’s neither here nor there, unless that’s what team Space Jam was jamming to before their awesome match against Set it and Forget It.


The first set of the match was a crazy close game that came down to the wire with both teams tied at 20-20. Set it and Forget it managed to close out the first set by winning the last two points, 22-20!


The second set was equally as close in points, intensity, excitement, and hustle! The competition was fierce but friendly between the two teams, and there were some awesome pancake digs off the sand that could/should make Sports Center’s top 10 plays of the week! Space Jam was able to seal the deal on their win in the second set, 21-18, and was ready to move on to the third set.


The last set of the match was all about strategy and court awareness, and both teams had it. Once again, we find ourselves sitting on the edge of our seats as both teams rallied their butts off and played scrappy! In the end, though, Space Jam managed to pull ahead and win the final set 15 to 12!


Thursday (3/30)


Bad Aces vs. How I Set Your Mother

Bad Aces took on How I Set Your Mother on court one and both teams had good rallies, long volleys, crazy hustle, and was an overall evenly competitive match! Bad Aces edged How I Set Your Mother in two sets to one to take home their first win of the season (22-20, 15-21, 15-12).


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