Come one! Come All! Week Two at Zilker is Always a Ball!


Monday’s best match goes to Foundry versus May The Spike Be With You. Both teams have a lot of players new to the volleyball scene, but that didn’t matter as long as everybody was having a great time!


The match was long and intense with a lot of one-bump passes back and forth over the net.


With one win each in the match, the third set was a game worth watching! Foundry played some serious defense against the scrappy May the Spike Be With You players. In the end, May the Spike Be With You came out on top to defeat Foundry, 15-6. One player on May the Spike Be With You left us with a very profound thought: “Ohh man, I’m out of breath…that was intense!”







There were quite a few exciting games on Tuesday with five out of eight matches that went into three sets. Son of a Beach went up against I Wanna Set You Up in a long and intense three-set match to try to improve their 1-1 record, but unfortunately for them Son of a Beach just couldnt claim that win against I wanna Set You Up, losing 12-21, 21-19, and 11-15.


Sandy Smasherz also tried to improve their record going up against Will Work for Sets, but could not smash their way to a win. It was a valiant effort and another match that went into three sets, but Will Work for Sets put the work in and took the W home, 12-21, 21-17, and 15-11! Will Work for Sets sits pretty at a 2-0 record, and Sandy Smashers are off to a rough start at 0-2.


With Smasherz starting off their record at 0-1, they were looking for a win against the Thunder Ducks for a bit of redemption. However, they were off to a rocky start in the first set and lost in a relatively close game, 16-21. After a bit of regrouping, Smasherz smashed their way to the top and took the second and third set 21-18 and 15-10! Their excitement was unreal when the final point was scored in their favor!




Big Dinkers are our Maroon indy team and are undefeated! They keep going to game 3 with every match so far and are really coming together as a team. Lots of hustle and play makers for being new to volleyball. Lead changes were back and forth until the very end.

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