Look What Blew in With the Cold Weather!

What?…..no more sweat……no more grimy palms……no more scorching heat……no more sand-caked elbows, knees and foreheads? What happened to summer?! We ARE ASSC…. we play on in any weather!

Moontower could have made a killing if they had sold jackets on this night, but every player forged on and put up some great battles in the pits! Bring on autumn in Austin……we’re ready for it!

Best match of the night goes to 2 Bump Chumps vs Sandstorm. Both teams were incredible with some amazing digs, bumps and hits. After each team taking a set apiece, it all came down to the third and final game to declare the winner. The third set did not disappoint with both teams digging hard for each point with some close play at the net. With the cold and wind kicking up, it was appropriate that Sandstorm took the final set and the Dub-Yah. More importantly, and as always, 2 Bump Chumps was classy in defeat throwing up lots of high 5s and “great game” congrats when it was all said and done. Another great game with great sportsmanship all around from both teams. This is what ASSC is all about!

Although it was close, the 2 teams having the most fun seemed to be Mission: Unblockable and Beach Please! Throughout the night, both teams were yelling out cheers and laughing during all the night’s games.  These 2 teams are basically the definition of what it means to be social in ASSC.

For a Monday night, attendance was through the roof at Moontower! Maybe it was to celebrate some great sand volleyball or jump around just to stay warm……whatever it was, everyone had a blast! Lots of coming early and staying late to just be part of the evening’s action. Summer might be gone but the fun is just starting. Let’s do it all again next week!



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