Monday Sand Volleyball: Keepin’ Austin Sandy from North to South


There was a lot of action this past Monday on the courts all across Austin and the happy hours saw even more action after the games. Whether you are north or south, you will be sure to find some sand volleyball fulfill your sandy needs!

Week Two

Hanover’s Round Rock

The first game on court one was one for the books! We had Sets on the Beach playing against Bumpin’ Uglies in the best game of the night! In the first set, Bumpin’ Uglies straight up dominated Sets on the Beach. The score was 20-8, with Bumpin’ Uglies in possession of the ball at game point. Sets on the Beach received the serve and put the ball into play, scoring one point to delay their defeat. Miraculously, Sets on the Beach continued to push one point at a time, going on a 12-point run to tie the game 20-20! Would you believe me if I said they came back to win the game? Well, you better believe it! Sets on the Beach overcame a 12-point deficit to win the game 22-20 in the first set! What. A. Comeback! Clearly not happy with their loss, Bumpin’ Uglies came into the second set with spikes blazing! The rallies were hot on the court that night, but Sets on the Beach was unable to keep their winning momentum going. Bumpin’ Uglies took the second set 21-16. The set count is tied at two, and both teams were chomping at the bit for this win. Sets on the Beach stole the lead early in the game, but Bumpin’ Uglies was able to come back to tie the game 12-12. From that point on, the game went point for point: 13-13, 14-14, and 15-15. With two points left, Sets on the Beach had possession of the ball and was able to seal the deal on their fate. Sets on the Beach had the greatest comeback of the night, with a 12-point deficit in the first set, to take home the big W in three!


What a game! Honestly, after that game the rest of the teams had an extremely tough act to follow!


Over on court two, Set N Spike played against A Team Has No Name in their opening game at 7:00. Set N Spike brought their A-game that night with strong serves and an aggressive front row to take their team to victory. Set N Spike took A Team Has No Name out in two sets, 21-11 and 21-11.  Back over on court one Bumpin’ Uglies and A Team Has No Name met up for their double header. It would seem as if Bumpin’ Uglies lost their steam from their game against Sets on the Beach, and A Team Has No Name used their first game as a warm up because A Team Has No Name beat Bumpin’ Uglies in two sets, 21-17 and 21-12. The last game of the evening on court two was over pretty quickly as That’s What She Set did a number on Block you Like a Hurricane. That’s What She Set won the match 21-10 in both sets.


Besides the great competition from all of the teams, everybody had so much fun that they all stuck around for happy hour! We’re talking every single player was there! The vibe was super social, the drinks were nice and cold, and everybody had a great time! There was excited chatter about the next weeks to come, and players were making plans to hang out beyond their Monday league nights! See, come here to play and leave with more friends than you can count!


If you’re in South Austin, be sure to head over to Moontower where we’ve got three courts with three games running all night. The games are exciting, the music is live, and the drinks are always flowing! Come take advantage of our ASSC happy hour special, $2 Bud Lights all night long!


Court one had Dodgeball playing against Spike It Like Cosby in the 7 o’clock game, with Spike It Like Cosby pulling out the win in two sets, 21-16 and 21-19. Spike It Like Cosby had a double header and played For The Watch in the second game on that court. Spike it Like Cosby was unable to carry their momentum over and lost against For the Watch in two sets, 21-10 and 21-12. The last game on court one was another two-set match with That’s What She Set taking home the win against Suck My Dink (21-17, 21-7).


Court two stole the show on Monday night with Block Party’s back-to-back double header. In their first match against Notorious D.I.G., Block Party had to take a forfeit in the first set due to not having enough players. Luckily, two more players arrived in the nick of time to be able to start a second set. With three players now on the court, Notorious D.I.G. and Block Party were able to rally. It was a close game, but Block Party was able to out hustle Notorious DIG and put up great defense. Block Party won the second set 21-17, forcing a third set. Now with a full team, Block Party was unstoppable. They took the lead early in the last set, and ran away with a win, 15-6.

In their second game of the night, Block Party met their match, Cash Me Outside. The match was very entertaining, full of long rallies and great passes. Block Party played good enough to keep the game close, but Cash Me Outside cashed in the victory by winning in 2 straight sets 21-18, 21-16! The third match of the night on court two had another double header featuring the now 2-0 team, Cash Me Outside, playing against Balls and Spikes Makes Everything Nice. This game was a one and done type of match because it was over before it even started. Cash Me Outside cashed in another victory, 21-10, 21-6. It’s beginning to look like you don’t want to cash Cash Me Outside on the courts!


Court three had For the Watch rallying with Ball Whisperers in their 7 o’clock game. For the Watch knocked it out in two sets, 21-14 and 21-11. The last game of the night on court three went into three sets with Setsy Sixers against How I Set Your Mother. How I Set Your Mother started off strong, dominating Setsy Sixers 21-7 in the first set. The tables were turned in the second set with Setsy Sixers bringing setsy back, winning 21-11. The final set was a race to the finish line, but there could only be one winner. How I Set Your Mother took the set 15-12 to take home the win for the night!


That’s all for this week’s Monday night recap! Stay tuned, week three will be here before you know it!

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