Moontower: How Did You Do in Week Two?

Week Two

Week two is in the books way down south at Moontower, and y’all, what a week it was! There were tons of exciting matches every night, but there were only three that stood out this week! Keep on reading to see which teams earned the coveted “Game of the Night” title!  After that, be sure to check out for all upcoming registration deadlines!

Monday (4/3)

That’s What She Set vs. Beaches and Creme


The show-stealers for Monday night were That’s What She Set and Beaches and Creme!



The first set was totally dominated by That’s What She Set, 21-8, but before you start putting all of your money on them, though, Beaches and Creme had a nice game of their own. Beaches and Creme came back to win the second set, 21-11! We’ve got game now! That’s What She Set started off strong in the last set and took an early lead to give them the advantage at 13 to 10, but Beaches and Creme was able to make a nice little run to tie the game up 14-14! Just when they were starting to heat up, Beaches and Creme unfortunately ran out of gas, and That’s What She Set put an end to the match, 16-14.


Wednesday (4/5)

The Outsiders vs. Kiss My Face



Similar to last week, The Outsiders were off to a slow start in their match against Kiss My Face in their 8:40 game.


What looked like the signs of a potential blow out, Kiss My Face had a comfortable lead at 10 to 1 in the first set.

I think The Outsiders just like to make things more difficult, or challenging, for themselves because slowly but surely, that veteran team started chipping away at the score and took control of the game. Controlled passing and dangerous smashing was the key to their winning of each point.


It became a race to the finish line once The Outsiders caught up to Kiss My Face. The rallies were intense, and each point was a hard-fought one, but in the end The Outsiders managed to come back from a 9-point deficit to win the first set 22-20!


The momentum continued for the veteran team in the second set as they continued to hammer down spikes with precision and finesse. The Outsiders were relentless on their path to victory in the second set, and Kiss My Face just couldn’t take the heat. The Outsiders won, 21-16!


Thursday (4/6)

The Tip vs. No, You Got It


In another one of those this-will-be-over-quick-just-kidding matches, The Tip and No, You Got It, won the Game of the Night title on Thursday night!


Because The Tip took the first set, 21-6, everybody thought it was going to be a quick match!


…but the joke was on us!


No, You Got It just needed some time to warm up. The second set was a game worth watching as teams seemed to have switched not only sides of the net, but energy! The Tip started off really slow in the second set which gave No, You Got It a chance to go on some nice runs. Eventually, both teams got on the same level, energy-wise, and the game turned into an exciting one! The Tip found themselves in the lead at 20-17, and needed one more point to finish off the match, but No, You Got It took possession of the ball and tied the game up at 20-20! Apparently neither team wanted the set to end because they both kept inching their way to game point, but choking on the final drop! At 22-22, No, You Got It finally was able to put the last two points away to win the second set, 24-22!


The excitement of the second set was carried over into the third! The game inched along, point-for-point, in long rallies! Once again, both teams found themselves all tied up at 10-10 with no clear winner, and just when you thought No, You Got It was going to be able to put some distance between them and The Tip, The Tip was able to close it out to win, 15–13!



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