Pflugerville: The Win Went to Who at Hanover’s in Week Two?

Check out how a few of the games went this past week at Hanover’s in Pflugerville!


Tuesday (4/4)

Rough Sets vs. Sand Stormers

Rough Sets and Sand Stormers squared off on Tuesday night in the battle of old versus new:  Rough Sets, the returning veteran team, and Sand Stormers, noobs.


The two teams were equally matched in hustle, point rallies, and scrappiness!  Both teams split the first two games, 21-14 and 21-17, keeping it close all the way.  With team experience on their side, Rough Sets pulled away in the third game to take the win, 15-8.



Wednesday (4/5)

Space Jam vs. *Funny Name I Googled*

Space Jam had another good night this week to continue on their winning record for week two against *Funny Name I Googled*.


It was no walk in the park for them, though as *Funny Name I Googled* played their scrappy hearts out with two-touch plays.  Space Jam’s fundamental volleyball skills of bump, set, pass is what helped them take home their second win in the season!


Space Jam won the match 2-0 (21-17, 21-15).





Thursday (4/6)

Mikasa Es Su Casa vs. The Empire Spikes Back

Mikasa Es Su Casa had quite the rollercoaster of a match against The Empire Spikes Back on Thursday night.


Mikasa took the first set, 21-16, in a long and competitive game.


It looked like Mikasa forgot to show up in the second set. The Empire Spikes Back dominated the game, allowing only 7 points against them, and went on a 10-point service run to start! The Empire Spikes Back played Mikasa Es Su Casa, 21-7!


The competition evened out in the last set as Mikasa decided to show up and turn up the heat against The Empire Spikes Back. The third set went back and forth and point for point with Mikasa Es Su Casa edging out The Empire Spikes Back, 15-13!

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