Sand Volleyball: Who Survived Week Five’d?

Week five was last week (yeah, I know I’m late!) for our winter season of sand volleyball, which means it was the final week of regular season games before the playoffs next week (which is actually this week, read about it here). Read on to see if your team made it in the “Game of the Night” highlights!



Hanover’s – Round Rock



That’s What She set played Sets on the Beach in some harsh winds. In the first set, That’s What She Set came out on fire with some great serves. Sets on the Beach had some great plays at the net, but it was not enough to pull out a win. That’s What She Set took the first set, 21-12.


That’s What She Set was still bringing the heat with their serves in the second set, leaving Sets on the Beach struggling to return the ball. However, when Sets on the Beach was able to complete a serve-receive and get the ball in play, the rallies were long and hard-fought, but the errors on Sets on the Beach’s part were too much to give them a shot at the win.  That’s What She Set won the second set, 21-12, and walked away with the big W for the evening!




Monday at Moontower had so much action that our refs and coordinator couldn’t pick just one team. Instead, with the season coming to an end, we have the run down on how some of the teams finished off!


In the Shocktop division, Dodgeball had a bye, so they’re going into the playoffs with a 5-1 record at the number one spot! For the Watch played two great matches on Monday night in their double header. They were down a player all night but refused to let that be an excuse. In their match against Spike it Like Cosby, For the Watch hustled so hard, Spike It Like Cosby didn’t stand a chance! Spike It Like Cosby fell to For the Watch, 12-21 and 9-21, and finished their season 2-3.

In their second match, For the Watch looked like they were feeling a bit winded from their first match against Spike It Like Cosby. They put up a great fight against Suck My Dink in three rounds, but ultimately dropped the ball in the end. Suck My Dink beat For the Watch,  17-21, 21-14, and 15-9.  For the Watch finished the season at 3-3, while Suck my Dink move to the 4th spot at 2-4.


Over in the Landshark division, Cash Me Outside finished the regular season undefeated by knocking out Block Party. The game was relatively easy for Cash Me Outside as they took the match in two sets: 21-6, 21-12.

Block Party is still sitting pretty at the number two spot with a record of 4-2, followed by How I Set Your Mother. How I Set Your Mother had a good victory on Monday, beating Notorious DIG 21-15 and 21-13. With that win, How I Set Your Mother has a 2 point differential at the three seed against the number two spot, Block Party, and Notorious DIG moved to 4th place.





Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Rough Sets faced off against That’s What She Set in an exciting two-set match filled with lots of hustle, great plays at the net, awesome serves, and long rallies! Both sets started close with each team capitalizing on serves and long rallies. There were quite a few lead changes early on and a lot of back and forth between points before That’s What She Set took the lead and ran away with it. Rough Sets fell to That’s What She Set, 13-21 and 14-21.



The Outsiders always seem to make things interesting week after week.


According to our favorite Dominican coordinator, Juan, he says (please read this in your best Dominican accent), “This team are never out of it, they always keep it close even if they lose.”


This past Wednesday was no exception! The veteran team went up against Dirty Sanchez in a three-set match. Both teams were evenly matched, both with good communication and excellent passing skills.


The Outsiders took the first set in a close game, 21-19! Dirty Sanchez came back in the second set with some tough plays and was able to out-hustle The Outsiders in a 21-14 victory. The third set went point-for-point in an exciting exchange of rallies up to 7 points before The Outsiders pulled away to take the match 15-9!




Hanover’s – Round Rock



Get Off My Nets and Set’em Hussein played an exciting match on Thursday night. The match only went to two sets, but both of them were extremely close! The game was evenly matched, competition-wise, and the outcome of the game boiled down who had better court awareness. Get Off My Nets was able find the open holes and scored points off of a few well-placed hits, and found the targets with their serves. They took both sets 21-16 and 22-20!


Hanover’s – Pflugerville


Taylor’s Team and How I Set Your Mother went three rounds on Thursday night in a spectacular match that was too close for comfort!  In the first set, Taylor’s Team lost 15-21, but was able to come back in the second, 21-18. The last set went point for point with How I Set Your Mother edging out the win, 15-12!


According to Doug the Fun Coach, this game had some of the most awesome digs by How I Set Your Mother that he had seen all season! How I Set Your Mother’s win was well-deserved with the hustle they displayed!


I’ve mentioned before that not all game of the night winners get a shout out based solely off of competition and skills. This week, No Diggity takes the cake! You know they’re a good time when other teams are requesting to play against them! Doug the Fun Coach added that they’re “the most fun team ever,” and “all of their crew are fabulous!”  Thank you, No Diggity, for Keepin’ it Social and being a fun bunch!





Rained out at Moontower this week. Bummer.


Well, that’s all for week five. Check back for the latest and greatest headlines by yours truly! Be sure to go over to for sand volleyball registration dates and info! Today is the last day to register for the next season of sand volleyball all across Austin. If you haven’t registered, you better get on it! Otherwise, you will have to sit the sidelines and wait it out!

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