Sand Volleyball: Winter Playoff Edition

Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

Our winter season of sand volleyball has come and gone and we are well underway with the spring season, but before we spring too far ahead of ourselves, here are all of your winter season champs!


Hanover’s – Round Rock

First off, congratulations goes out to Bumpin’ Uglies over at Hanover’s in Round Rock.
The championship was a great matchup between Bumpin’ Uglies and Sets on the Beach. The first set was intense and full of long rallies. Sets on the Beach held a 5-point lead and was on their way to take the first game, but Bumpin’ Uglies brought in their ace server to tie the game up, take the lead, and bring them home, 24-22! Things got interesting in the second set as both teams went point for point with some great plays at the net. Sets on the Beach took the second set, 21-15, to force a third. The third set was filled with tons of hustle and diving from both teams, but Bumpin’ Uglies’ court awareness allowed them to place the ball just out of their opponents’ reach.  Bumpin’ Uglies won the game proudly and held that championship banner high…well, to a reasonable level for their photo op!!




With so many teams at Moontower on Monday nights, there were two divisions running on the courts: Shock Top division and Land Shark. That means there’s two championship games with twice the fun! Here’s how the two divisions made out:

Shock Top Final:  Dodgeball v. For the Watch – The championship game on court one was as straightforward as it could get. The first set was a close game with Dodgeball coming out on top, 21-19. The momentum carried over into the second set, and Dodgeball only allowed 14 points to be scored against them.  For the Watch was able to put up good blocks, but couldn’t stop all the great plays ran by Dodgeball. Dodgeball had control of the match the entire night with ace-makin’ serves and killer spikes. Dodgeball took the championship game in two sets, 21-19, 21-14!   Way. To Go.



Land Shark Final: Cash Me Outside v. Block Party – Awesome championship match up between these two teams. Cash Me Outside had some of the most amazing sets to help complete their plays, and Block Party’s defense was out of this world. The sets were intense and the rallies were long. Both teams left everything they had out on the court that night, but only one team can be on top. Cash Me Offside won the Landshark division championship game in two sets, 21-14 and 21-17.




Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Rough Sets took on That’s What She Set in their championship game, and boy, was it a game for the books! Every set went point for point, and you could tell that both teams wanted to win real bad. The hustle could not be ignored on either side of the net; both teams were diving in the sand and executing their 3 hits, giving it their all on each possession! That’s What She Set took the first set in a nail biter that boiled down to the final points with both teams calling time outs to catch their breaths! The intensity carried over into the second set, and Rough Sets was determined not to go out in two sets. They played some scrappy volleyball and ran all over the place to get the ball back over the net. Rough Sets took the second game 21-13! The third set was totally dominated by That’s What She Set; their net game was too strong and they were too hot to handle. That’s What She Set easily took the final set 15-5.






There were two awesome championship games at Moontower again on Wednesday, only instead of two different divisions, we had fours and sixes playing for the titles.


Over in the fours bracket, Burrito and Spike Fest went three rounds in an insanely close match! Both teams traded points throughout the first two sets. Spike Fest won the first set, 20-22, and  Burrito won the second, 21-19. After being tied at six in the third set, Spike Fest was able to gain distance and momentum, and pulled away little by little to take the championship game with a final score of 15-9! Great match!!!



It was easy money over in the sixes bracket with team Chaos advancing to the finals due to a forfeit by the Bad Guys, and Volleybrawlers spiking their way to the championship round against Loser Buys Drinks in a two set match. The championship game had the top two seeds facing off to see who would hoist the mighty banner. The first set had some good rallies between the two teams but Chaos ultimately took control of the game and won 21-17. The second set didn’t see much improvement from the Volleybrawlers, so Chaos continued with their winning streak, and easily took the game 21-10 to become the next season champs of the sixes court!



Hanover’s – Round Rock

With only four teams at Hanover’s in Round Rock, all of the teams made it to the playoffs to take a stab at winning the championship title. The Benchwarmers coasted into the finals with an easy win against Puddin’ Pops in the semi finals. Get Off My Nets had a little more of a challenge against Set’Em Hussein to get to the finals, but also won the match in two sets.


The championship game was a battle against the top two teams, The Benchwarmers and Get Off My Nets. In the first set, Get Off My Nets grabbed an early lead with a 4-0 run, but The Benchwarmers had an answer for that and went on their own 4-point run to tie the game up. Tied at 4-4, both teams traded runs to make the first set a race to the finish, but Get Off My Nets was able to build a lead and get the win by finding the holes on their opponent’s side, 21-18.

Coming off of their first loss in the set, The Benchwarmers needed a win if they wanted a chance at hoisting up the championship banner.  The second set in the finals went point for point from the beginning, and was yet another race to the finish line. The game was all tied up at 20-20, and with rally scoring you have to play to win! The Benchwarmers had possession of the ball and just needed to get their serves over the net and keep the ball in play, and that is exactly what they did! The Benchwarmers took set number two 22-20 to force a third game!

Following suit like the first and second sets, the final game was just as intense and boiled down the last points before hitting the cap. The game stretched out with almost every point being played. Once again, The Benchwarmers and Get Off My Nets were tied at the end, 14-14. Get Off My Nets was able to pull off the upset of the season by beating the undefeated Benchwarmers, 16-14, in the third game! Way to go, Get Off My Nets!!


Hanover’s – Pflugerville

It was an easy peasy night for the undefeated Safe Sets as they plowed their way through the semi finals and into the championship game against the number two team, Bad Aces. Safe Sets rallied to consecutive points in the first set and dominated throughout. Bad Aces never stood a chance, they lost 21 to 6 in the first set. Bad Aces improved a bit in the second set, but could not get it together to pose a challenge to Safe Sets. Safe Sets’ had a great second set with most serve points rallied and won the championship 21-13!!





We had another night of fours and sixes at Moontower on Thursday, and because this playoff edition is so long, let’s cut to the chase. Our top teams in both groups made it to the ‘ship and sailed away with victories! Congratulations to the number one ranked fours team, Sets Kittens! They were undefeated all season and made their way through the playoffs with ease. Sets Kittens knocked out the Sand Goonies in the semi finals in two sets, 21-10 and 21-6, and faced off against the number two seed, Serving Like Lunch Ladies in the final round. The first set was done before it started; Sets Kittens only allowed 8 points to be scored against them before going into the second set. Serving Like Lunch Ladies had a better attempt in their second game, but still ultimately fell to the undefeated Sets Kittens, 21-17! Congratulations, you cutie pies!



Last, but certainly not least, the undefeated SAF guys and gals easily made their way to the championship round against number two seed, Swiiiitch, by knocking the Volley Llamas out in two sets, 21-8 and 21-6. Ouch.

It wouldn’t be that easy against Swiiitch, though. SAF lost to Swiiitch in the first set, 21-17, but made up for it in the second. SAF took the last two sets and won the championship title for the season (17-21, 21-10, 15-11)!


Since I’m a million weeks behind, our spring season is up and going! The courts are busy, busy, and the games are crazy, crazy! Stay tuned for more updates and always check out for even more sand volleyball registration dates!

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