Sandy Times at Hanover’s Round Rock

Hanover’s Round Rock – Week One

Monday (3/26)

The Setsy Six


The Setsy Six came out with spikes blazing in week one. They balled so hard that they earned not one but two wins in week one! In their first game against A Team Has No Name, The Setsy Six exchanged volleys with their opponent in the first set, but was able to go on a seven-point run to pull ahead and beat the team with no name, 21-14. The second set was a bit more challenging with A Team Has No Name bringing some more intensity to the game. However, the heat wasn’t hot enough for The Setsy Six, so they finished off the game 21-17!


In their double header, The Setsy Six went up against These Nets in an exciting match! It was full-steam ahead for the Setsy Six as they were coming off of their first win of the season, but These Nets wanted to show what they were made of. The first set had a lot of back and forth between the teams all the way to 20-20. With the ball in their possession, The Setsy Six was able to close out the first set, 22-20. Set two was equally as exciting as the first with both teams on each other’s heals. There were a couple of lead changes, but The Setsy Six was finally able to stop These Nets at 17 points to pull away with the win, 21-17.


Thursday (3/30)

Get Off My Nets



It’s the return of the vets and last season’s champions, Get Off My Nets! The returning champs had a double header for their season opener and things may not have gone as well as expected. In their first match against another returning team, No Diggity, Get Off My Nets was off to a great start. They took both sets fairly easily, 21 to 15 and 21 to 16, to start their newly undefeated record. Their second match, however, didn’t go so well…


Get Off My Nets faced off against That’s What She Set in their double header and, boy, was it over before it began… That’s What She Set knocked Get Off My Nets out in a quick two sets, 21-8 and 21-9. Get Off My Nets is now sitting at 1-1 in week one.




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