Thursday Sand Volleyball: Action Across Austin!

Thursday night sand volleyball is underway and started off with a bang! Here’s the rundown on how week one went, beginning up north at Hanover’s Round Rock location, then popping over to Hanover’s in Pflugerville, and finally making our way down south to Moontower.

Hanover’s Round Rock:

Starting up north at Hanover’s in Round Rock, we had three matches to kick off this winter’s season openers. Set’em Hussein took Puddin’ Pops out in two sets, sending them off to the bar to take advantage of the ASSC happy hour drink specials until their double header in the 8:50 game. The second game of the evening had The Benchwarmers leaving their bench sad, lonely, and cold as they were too busy spiking down what Set’em Hussein was sending their way. The Benchwarmers knocked Set’em Hussein out in two sets, making their record 1-1 in week one, and The Benchwarmers 1-0. Feeling rejuvenated, Puddin’ Pops surprised themselves and started their second game of the night off with a win in the first set. However, their surprise didn’t last long because Get Off My Nets won the second set, sending Puddin’ Pops into a third and final set. The third set consisted of Puddin’ Pops spending most of their time face down in the sand, laughing and giving each other lots of high fives and hugs, while Get Off My Nets smashed their way to victory. Get Off My Nets won the match, putting Puddin’ Pops at 0-2 early in the season.

Hanover’s Pflugerville:

Making our way over to Hanover’s in Pflugerville, there was a lot more action, new faces, and a few more teams to help pump up the fun. Teams were showing up early to get their drink on and mingle before their games, and friends and family came out to show their support as well. On court one, Two Bump Chumps had a spike off against Empire Spikes Back in an epic two-set match that left Empire Spikes Back looking for redemption in their next episode. Court two started with How I Set Your Mother battling it out against Safe Sets, and it was anything but legend…wait for it…dary for How I Set Your Mother. Safe Sets beat How I Set Your Mother in two sets and was ready to carry their momentum over into their double header against Empire Spikes Back.

The second games of the evening featured double headers on both courts. Two Bump Chumps went up against How I Set Your Mother on court one, and Empire Spikes Back took on Safe Sets on court two. Court one had a ton of back and forth action in an evenly matched game between Two Bump Chumps and How I Set Your Mother. This game was a fun one to watch as both teams played hard in a race to the end. How I Set Your Mother took a few pages out of their play book and spiked their way to victory, 23-21, in both sets. In the next episode for Empire Spikes Back, Safe Sets used the force against them and left Empire Spikes Back unable to pull out a win, making their record 0-2. I guess they’re still waiting for the return of their Jedi.

The last games of the night at Hanover’s had Taylor’s Team taking Chaos out in two sets on court one, and Bad Aces defeating newcomers, No DIGgity, in two sets on court two. Next week will have more double headers to watch, and teams looking to improve their record.


Way south at Moontower, we had 4s and 6s running on all three courts. It was a chilly evening, so teams were hyped to play to keep warm. The 7 o’clock games featured The Drunken Badgers playing against Serving Cervezas on court one, with Serving Cervezas taking the match in two sets. Sets Kittens took out the Bomb Squad in two sets on court two, and Notorious D.I.G. went three rounds with the ThunderSnarf on court three, in favor of Notorious D.I.G. 2-1.

The second games of the night had The Drunken Badgers and Sets Kittens playing each other in a fun two sets, with Sets Kittens continuing on with their winning streak, now 2-0, and leaving The Drunken Badgers looking for their first win next week. Serving Cervezas were served everything but cervezas by the Bomb Squad in their double header, leaving them cerveza-less and with a 1-1 record. Over on court three, ThunderSnarf had given their all in their first match and was left winded in their double header, losing to SAF in two sets.

As the temperature continued to drop, the games were heating up. Sand Goonies played their butts off against Serving Like Lunch Ladies back on court one. Both teams showed a lot of hustle and covered the court like nobody’s business, but in the end the Lunch Ladies served up a victory in two sets. The Volley Llamas smashed S*M*A*S*H in two sets on court two, and Rough Sets had a rough two sets against the dark lords, Volleydemort, on court three.

The last games of the night started off with a forfeit on court one. Beach Better Have My Volley was a no-show, so Sand Goonies stuck around to play Spike It Like It’s Hot in an exhibition game. If anybody knows Beach Better Have My Volley, ask ’em if they plan on showing up! With a forfeit under their belt, Beach Better Have My Volley is 0-1, and gave Spike It Like It’s Hot their first victory. Sometimes all you have to do is show up! Congratulations, Spike It Like It’s Hot! Court two had Swiiitch going two rounds with TRUEBalls in an exciting exchange of volleys with both teams scrambling all over the court and eating a ton of sand. Swiiitch took home their first win in two sets. Court three had one of the best games of the night with 2 Legit 2 Hit facing off against Block Party. 2 Legit 2 Hit won the first set, easily, 21-14. Block Party redeemed themselves in the second set, 21-19, forcing a third game. With momentum on their side, Block Party kept going and won the third set 15-12. Party on, partiers! Party. On.


What a fantastic first night for all locations! This season promises to be an exciting one filled with great games and more socializing than you can handle. Week two will be here before you know it. Good luck to all the teams, and remember to keep it social!

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