What’s Better Than Taco Tuesday?

Sand Volleyball at Hanover’s, Duh!

Austin Sports and Social Club sand volleyballers flock to their favorite watering hole up north to get in on some sixes action in the sand and to turn up on a Tuesday with $3 Bud Lights and $3 Michelob Ultras (if you are trying to stay light on your toes!)! Every Tuesday, these teams show up to show out and compete for the top four spots in the standings for a chance to hoist the coveted championship banner and prize! We’re in week three, which means there are still plenty of chances for teams to turn around and steal some spots in the standings!



Rough Sets vs. Kiss My Ace


This week’s game of the night features Rough Sets and Kiss My Ace! Rough Sets took on Kiss My Ace in quite an interesting and exciting match. Rough Sets only scored one point in the first set and allowed Kiss My Ace to go on a 16-point run before siding out…and then winning the ball back…over and over again. I think it’s safe to say that Rough Sets literally had a rough set!  They lost, dramatically, to Kiss My Ace 1-21.


After that ugly first set, no one imagined or expected the second set to be any better, but surprise surprise, Rough Sets came into the second game a completely different team (figuratively, of course)! There was so much action with both teams diving all over the court, digging balls off the net, and just hustling their butts off! The rallies were longer and the points were closer. Rough Sets took set number two in quite the squeaker, 23-21!


The excitement and back-and-forth scoring continued into the final set that boiled down to a tie at 14-14 with one team needing to score two more points to end the match. Ready to get their socializing on, Kiss My Ace won possession of the ball and eventually added two more points to their score to walk off the court victorious! Kiss My Ace wins the match 2-1 over Rough Sets (21-1, 21-23, 16-14)! Congrats, guys and gals!


Week four is right around the corner! See y’all next Tuesday!


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