Who you callin’ a chump?!

If you are a sand volleyball fanatic, Moontower was the place to be for the ASSC Sand Volleyball Championships!

Here is the road to the finals breakdown with lots of great plays from teams going for the gold!

AT 2 Bump Chumps took on Blockmanity with both teams evenly matched from the very first serve! Lots of rallies, great defense and spot on serves kept this first game close.  2 Bump won a close one at 21-17 to take the lead. Blockmanity stayed tough in the second match with more great defense and determination but couldn’t hang on to take the second game loss at 16-21. Great games!

FOUR PLAY ON THE SAND (A) 1 AT The Outsiders (H) 2

In other the other semi final matchup, FOUR PLAY ON THE SAND took on The Outsiders in an epic dual on the beach….they don’t get much closer than this one! 4 Play took the first set in a squeaker 21-19 with both teams matching up player to player like an old pair of socks still stuck in the dryer! The Outsiders evened things up with a squeaker of their own barely outlasting 4 Play by 21-19. We got ourselves a ballgame folks! Third and final set saw another tit-for-tat game with neither team letting up. In the end, The Outsiders outlasted 4 Play and paved their way to The Finals with a 15-10 win…..wow….this is what championships are all about!

This is it…..what we’ve all been waiting for…..Sand Volleyball Finals at Moontower! 2 Bump Chumps taking on the number one seed, The Outsiders for the Championship Belt…..er….Banner! 2 Bump Chumps have come close before but were determined to see it all the way through on this night. The Outsiders knew their reputation was on the line so there was no give up on either team! The first set did not disappoint with all the spectacular serves, defense and digs one could hope for. 2 Bumps barely edged out The Outsiders in the first set 21-19 with the crowd going crazy! Second set was another close one until 2 Bumps saw an opening and jumped ahead by 4 points to take control of the match and take it on to victory at 21-14! We have a new champion…..2 Bump Chumps!

How we love sand volleyball and Moontowers on Thursday nights…..lots of great games to watch and cheer on new and old friends! Tip a few back and even get in some scrimmage time in to keep the night going…..this is what ASSC is all about!

Let’s do it all again next week!




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