Everyone Needs a Happy Hour Hero in their Life

Spread the Cheeky vs. Happy Hour Heroes



These two teams just played one another last week and were excited about a rematch before the game even started.  Last week Spread the Cheeky won 4-0 after Happy Hour Heroes had just come off of their first game in their double header for the night. This week, it was Spread the Cheeky’s turn for a double header.


First half went really well for both teams. Happy Hour Heroes kept the ball in their attacking half most of the half and were able to get lots of good shots on goal. Only one of them paid off, though, and it was a beautiful goal no matter how you count it! Happy Hour Heroes scored on a beautiful corner kick from a female to a male on the far post with a header! It was so close to almost being kicked directly in from the corner that an instant replay would be needed to decide who actually scored: the female kicker or the guy finishing the ball on the far post.

The officials ruled that Happy Hour Heroes’ guy made contact with the ball before it crossed the end line counting the goal as one.

Shortly before the end of half, Spread the Cheeky was looking to make moves to tie up the score. Down by one, Spread the Cheeky had a perfect one-on-one with the keeper: The attacking player pulls off some crazy move with a back heal to the ball as his shot! Not only did that shot beat the keeper, but it was loaded with tons of power and looked like an amazing Sports Center Top 10 Play…until the post got in the way!!!

You can only imagine Spread the Cheeky’s disappointment and Happy Hour Heroes’ relief!


First half ends with a 1-0 score in favor of Happy Hour Heroes.



Second half, Spread the Cheeky now has what little wind is left and are looking to make something happen. After already playing a game and having to fight the wind the whole first half, Cheeky just couldn’t gather enough energy to do what it takes and were unable to find the back of the net all game, despite hitting the post 4 or 5 times, and having some really amazing shots blocked by the keeper, they just couldn’t score. Second half for Happy Hour Heroes was all about keeping Cheeky away from their goal as much as possible. The Heroes did manage to get some really good shots on goal, but Cheeky’s keeper was all over the place doing all he could for his team, even trying to run down the sideline to get a cross off!


In the end the only goal scored was off a corner, and without a replay, who really knows if it was one or two points? But it makes no difference, Happy Hour Heroes win and go home the heroes!

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