Headers and footers…..girls and guys…whatever it took for a win at SEMP!

Tuesday night Soccer 8s at SEMP was the place to be if you were looking for some awesome soccer games in south Austin!  Let’s take a look at how it all shook out:

The Centaur Forwards Vs FC Book game was hard fought and pretty friendly for the most part since half the players from each team all play on the same team on Thursdays. The whole game was back and forth with both teams getting some really good passing that lead to some amazing shots on goal. First half though only FC Book scored and it was an amazing female goal just 3 mins in giving them what they thought was a comfortable lead. Second half, however, The Centaur Forwards pressed hard right away and managed to get a male goal in just the first 4 mins. Only one point behind now they started working on getting a female goal to take the lead, and just 5 mins later, they did just that from a shot that somehow managed to get through everyone and roll past the keeper just out of reach giving them the lead. With only 5 mins left in the game, FC Book tied it up from a male goal that took some work since his first shot was deflected and came right back giving him a second chance and allowing them to tie the game up. For the rest of the game both teams fought hard, but were unable to score, leaving the two teams tied 3 ALL.

Another really good game was Fire Emoji Vs Money shots. Both teams were perfectly matched and had to fight just to get a good shot on goal. First half Fire Emoji scored their only goal about half way from an amazing shot, giving them a 1-0 lead at the half. Second half very back and forth and super defensive once again with both teams having to fight to get any kind of chance on goal. With just 3 mins left in the game, Fire Emoji made a defensive mistake that coast them the game allowing a female player on Money shots to get a sloppy, yet successful, shot off, but it was all they needed. Money shots with the money shot at the very end to come back with the 2-1 win. Awesome!

In other action,

Sports Brahs 2 vs Small Hands Big Kicks  0.

MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED 4 vs That Escalated Quickly 1.

2 Goals, 1 Cup 1 vs En Fuego FC 2.

See You Next Tuesday 0 vs The Centaur Forwards 2.

Flooligans vs 1 AT Bad and Boozy 3 .

ABCDE FC vs 3 AT En Fuego FC 4 .

Droos Boos. vs 1 AT The Shins 0.

See You Next Tuesday vs 4 AT Fire Emoji 1.

Shoot It All Over Me vs 4 AT Bad and Boozy 1.

ABCDE FC vs 1 vs The Ball Handlers 1.

Feets of Strength 2 vs The Shins 1.

For happy hour after the games, teams headed over to Craftsman. Most of the players showed up after the last game and had an awesome time enjoying $2 Bud Lights and some tasty tacos. Some of the players even tried their hand at Corn Hole to keep the fun going. Great night of action but an even greater night of camaraderie. See you all again next week!


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