It’s Heating Up Outside…..And On The Pitch Too!

It’s Wednesday night… must be ASSC Soccer night at NEMP! In case you missed it….here’s what went down:


Giddy Up vs TETZHU was a close one with some great defense and offense…..all in the same game! The game was tied going into the first half. It didn’t take long for the next score with TETZHU making a nifty female goal in the side pocket! Their defense held on for the 5-3 win. Nice!

Train Wreck vs Son of a Pitch was next up on the docket. This was another close game with both sides battling it out the entire game. In the last 2 minutes, Son of a PItch scored 2 more goals to take the 6-4 win.

Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra vs Ballsagna over on field 7 was quite the defensive battle. Both teams were held scoreless until the last 2 minutes of the game. Thanks to some awesome teamwork, Ballsagna took the 2-0 win to close out the night. Great game!

Ball and Boujee vs TETZHU leaned more to the lopsided……side! Using their first game as a warmup, TETZHU steam rolled to a 7-2 win! Goals came from both girls and guys…..everybody got in on the winning action!

Drunk Flamingos vs Win & Tonic was another awesome display in teamwork! Both teams had some nice setups on goal and finally managed to see the payoffs. Win & Tonic scored first and kept on scoring! Drunk Flamingos added a couple goals late but could never quite catch up. In the end, Win & Tonic took the 6-3 win!

Footloose vs Dream killerz was a high scoring affair, to say the least! Footloose got on the board first with a couple of scores but Dream killerz went on a scoring binge! 6 unanswered goals before Footloose could manage one of their own. Final score: 8-4 Dream killerz!

Back That Pass Up vs Let’s Get Messi in a closely fought game on the pitch. This was a close game where anybody could have taken the Dub-Yah. Score was tied going into the last couple of minutes before a female placed a nice shot in the corner of the net for the 6-4 win! Awesome!!

Win & Tonic vs Beercelona in a super awesome game where both teams made it look like a pro soccer game. Only one goal was scored the whole game and that was in the first half Win & Tonic got a male goal about halfway through the first half. Both teams had some awesome shots on goal and tons of ball movement, including excellent passing and great teamwork. Win & Tonic took the 1-0 win!

Ballsgna vs No Hands! This was an excellent game of great sportsmanship and some really awesome goals. First half both teams scored a male goal leaving it tied at the half with 1 apiece. In the second half, No Hands! scored an amazing female header, putting them up by 2 right away. Ballsagna was only able to get one male goal the second half but conceded they were beaten by an awesome play!. Final score, 3-2 No Hands!

As the night cooled down, everyone headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some hot food and cold brews! Lots of reminiscing about the night’s excellent games whether they were winners or …… not winners! See you back out again next week!

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