Looking for World Cup Soccer? Er….How About ASSC Soccer Instead!!

Are you jonesin’ for some World Cup Soccer of your own? Head on over to NEMP on Wednesday nights and catch some of the local soccer instead! Here are some of the highlights from our own action on the pitch:


What Ball and Boujee lacked in talent, they sure made up for it in spirit! They had a tough night but never stopped with the fun and sportsmanship! Dream Killerz did just that with B & B in their first game of the night. Dream kKillerz scored first, second, third and then finally fourth. But, never fear, B & B did manage to put one in the net late to save them from the ultimate goose egg! Next up, Son of a Pitch had their way with the orange jersey’d B & B. When it was all said and done, 7 goals for Son of a Pitch but B & B did manage one goal of their own, again avoiding the shut out. Ouch!

Son of a pitch vs Dream Killerz was an amazing game between two of ASSC’s best teams. First half Dream Killerz scored the first goal off a cross that was finished with a header. Son of a Pitch scored their first goal right away keeping the game tied and letting the other team know they came to compete! Both teams added 2 more goals by halftime, with one of those goals coming from a female taking it to 4-3, Son of a pitch. Second half things heated up with Son of a pitch scoring another goal right out of the gate, giving them a 2 point lead.  Dream killers realizing that they are now in serous danger of loosing their first game stepped it up and soon scored a male goal fallowed by a female goal to take back the lead! Both teams were really pushing hard when Dream Killerz scores another male goal giving them a 2 point lead. They are not able to relax though because Son of a pitch was pushing for a female goal to tie it back up.  There were several great chances that were either blocked by the keeper or went wide, taking the final score to 7-5, Dream Killerz. What an awesome game!!

Next up, Let’s Get Messi vs Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra was a closer game than the score showed. There was lots, and lots of possession changes in this game, hence lots of running! Both teams were a bit gassed in the end but Let’s Get Messi took home 4 goals and Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra only managed 1. Great game though!

Speaking of awesome games,  No Hands! vs Let’s Get Messi was a thriller! First half was scoreless with both teams really giving it their all. Having already played a grueling game, Let’s Get Messi was at a big disadvantage and was running out of gas from the start of the match, allowing No Hands! to control the game. Second half only 1 goal was scored and it was off an amazing 30 yard shot by a mega-star female, sailing right over the keeper’s finger tips! Final score 2-0 No Hands! WOW!!


Although somewhat sober, Drunk Flamingos sort of lived up to their team name, only able to score 1 goal in both their games. They did, however, go up against some strong competitors with some prime offenses who knew how to score! Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra took the win at 2-0 and Back that Pass Up tacked up 8 goals for an 8-1 win! Ouch!!

Back That Pass Up continued their winning streak, but not by much against Win & Tonic. This game could have gone either way with both teams showing some nifty passing and stingy goal tending. In the end, Back That Pass Up 3, Win & Tonic 2! Nice!

Speaking of close games, Ballsagna and Beercelona ended the game as closely scored as you can get! Both teams scored early but….not often. In the end, 1-1 tie was how it all played out. Nobody likes a tie!!

Over on Field 7, TETZHU blanked Train Wreck 3-0 with some stellar passing and tight goal tending.  Finally, Giddy Up creamed Footloose 7-0 to wrap things up for the night at NEMP.

After the games, it was off to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some hot pizza and ice cold Bud Lights! What a great way to cool off after some serious soccer…ASSC style!


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