No Hand Balls Allowed on this Pitch!!

What’s almost as good as Friday?…..Thursday! And, what’s the most awesome thing to do on Thursday nights? Play ASSC soccer 8s at SEMP! Here’s what happened this last week on the pitch:

Best game of the night was Dream Team vs Happy Hour Heroes. Happy Hour Heroes scored the first goal of the game in the 11th minute. Dream Team quickly followed that up with 1 male and then 1 female goal taking them to a 3-1 score going into the half. Just minutes into the second half, Dream Team increased their lead with two more male goals for a 5-1 lead. Happy Hour Heroes didn’t give up for a second though and right before the end of the game they scored an amazing female goal to make the final score 5-3 Dream Team. Great effort!

In other action over on Field 1, The Butt Kickers couldn’t seem to get anything going on either offense or defense. In the corner kickin it took them out easily 9 – 0. Ouch!

Speaking of 9-0, Multiple Scorgasms walloped The Amigos without breaking much of a sweat. They had goals from girls and guys…they had direct and indirect penalty kicks…..they had exciting corner kicks…..they even had a header goal! They had it all but The Amigos kept it all social and promised to be back again next week!

Finally, Pitches Be Crazy took on Spread The Cheeky on Field 2 for the late game. Spread the Cheeky came out firing and scored first off a 1 on 1 breakaway right down the middle! There were some great saves to close out the first half with no more scoring from either side. Spread The Cheeky came out strong again in the first few minutes of the second half, scoring again. Pitches Be Crazy finally got on the board midway through the second half. They had a few more chances on goal but Spread The Cheeky goalie made some fantastic saves. They managed to add a few more goals of their own to take the win 4-1. Nice game!

Post game at Craftsman was a great time with lots of teams hanging out playing Corn Hole, eating tacos and enjoying $2 Ice cold Bud Lights. What a great way to end another great night! Let’s do it all again next week!


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