Pitch Count: 8s vs 8s for Wednesday Night ASSC Soccer at NEMP!

The heat is on….in the air and on the field! Wednesday Soccer 8s continues this week at NEMP with some hard fought games, spectacular saves and gripping penalty kicks. Let’s take a closer look:

No Hands! vs Juanito & the Marimba Orquestra. This was almost an awesome comeback while in the first half, No Hands! killed it with three male goals, taking a 3-0 lead going into the half. In the second half, though Juanito & the Marimba Orquestra shut them out and even managed to get an amazing female header about halfway through the half, but No Hands! held on for the final score 3-2! Nice!

Let’s Get Messi vs Win & Tonic. This was a super exciting game first half Let’s Get Messi came out strong, scoring their first goal in just 7 minutes in! Win & Tonic proving that they meant it tied the game back up in the 11th minute of the first half. However shortly before half, Let’s Get Messi scored another male goal to take back the lead, making it 2-1 at half. Second half got really exciting with both teams giving it their all! Let’s Get Messi was ripping amazing shot after shot but could not score after hitting the post a couple of times. Win & Tonic on the other had was finding the back of the net with their shots, tying the game back up just 3 mins into the second half. Then with just 5 mins left, Win & Tonic get a sloppy goal to take the lead for the first time and then another quick goal, giving them a comfortable lead with just minutes left. Win & Tonic almost lost the lead when they fouled a player in the box with no time left, giving Let’s Get Messi a PK and a chance to tie it back up. PK was blocked!! Win & Tonic takes the exciting win at 4-2! Wow!!

Son of a Pitch played Giddy Up in an offensive and defensive battle that ended in a 3-3 tie! After all that…..a tie?! All was not lost when Son of a Pitch handed out some complimentary beers and stayed to watch the rest of the action. Yes!!

Drunk Flamingos might have had one too many brewskies before the game, having a hard time stopping Ballsagna’s fierce attempts on goal. In the end, Drunk Flamingos 2 with Ballsagna 8.

Back That Pass Up showed some tough defense by blanking Beercelona with a 2-0 win.

Giddy Up did just that against Ball and Boujee! This was not much of a game with Giddy Up having their way with Ball and Boujee. They scored, then they scored again and then they scored again……..in the end, the scoreboard read Giddy Up 8 and Ball and Boujee 0. Ouch!

In another close game, TETZHU played Footloose over on field 7. These two teams were closely matched on paper as well as on the field. They had strong females who could shoot and defend. Footloose scored first from an awesome one on one then TETZHU turned around and did the same thing! The rest of the game was pretty much the same with both teams exchanging goals until the final 2 minutes of the game. TETZHU had another breakaway late and made a nifty move on the goalie to win the game 4-3! Great game!!

To wrap things up, the powerful Dream killerz took on Train Wreck over on field 3. Dream killerz had a strong team as well as a very strong bench to stay fresh throughout the game. Train Wreck kept it close with some nice passing and strong scoring attempts. In the end, Dream killerz had the advantage and took the win 6-4. Great game!

After the games, the teams headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some great food and cold brews. With the steak truck there, and tasty pizza from Little Woodrow’s, there was food and beverages for everyone! Another awesome night of ASSC Soccer 8s!


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