Pitches Be Cray Cray at Soccer on Thursday-day

Week One

Welcome back to another super fun and super social season of Austin Sports and Social Club soccer down at Southeast Metro Park! Week one was filled with a couple blowouts and some game-changing surprises that nobody saw coming! If week one was any indication as to what is to come this season, we are all in for a wild one!


Game(s) of the Night: Shout Out to the Ladies!

Spread the Cheeky vs Multiple Scoregasms


The first half of this game was dominated by Multiple Scoregasms, offensively. They had total control of the ball and had most shots on goal. In fact, the only goal scored in the first half was by Multiple Scoregasms, who managed to get a powerful shot off the far post making for a score of 1-0 at the half.


Things continued heating up in the second half as Multiple Scoregasms were at it again, scoring almost right away with a shot that just slipped out of the keeper’s hands and into the net!


With the score now at 2-0, Spread the Cheeky was looking for a come back. No worries, though, the ladies have got this! Shortly after Multiple Scoregasms scored their second goal, the ladies of Spread the Cheeky had some girl-on-girl action passing the ball up the field, and hammered a shot into the goal, tying the game up 2-2!


Time continued to tick away, and it was a defensive battle on the field, but shortly before the end of game, the ladies of Spread the Cheeky scored yet ANOTHER goal! The crowd went wild and the team went crazy having made a tremendous comeback in a hard-fought second half! Final score: 4-2, Spread the Cheeky!


Pitches Be Crazy vs The Butt Kickers


It was a slow first half, score-wise, between Pitches Be Crazy and The Butt Kickers. It wasn’t for their lack of trying as they both had a ton of shots on goal. If you keep shooting, one is bound to end up in the net, right? At this point in the game, it was a race to see if anybody could get a shot off before the end of the half, and the lucky winners were Pitches Be Crazy with one goal, 1-0.


Continuing on their momentum from the first half, Pitches Be Crazy scored two more goals, now making their lead, 3-0.  True to their name, The Butt Kickers decided it was time step up and start kicking some butt! They scored one male goal followed by a female goal to tie the game up with just five minutes left!


Again, time was of the essence, and it was another race to the “finish line” between the two teams. Pitches Be Crazy, regretting sitting back on their heals with that 3-0 score, now had to get it in gear! Those Pitches pressed hard and looked to one of their females to get a solid kick off before the time wound down to zero. Leave it to the ladies to get business taken care of! The shot was good, and Pitches Be Crazy was able to take back the lead and end the game with a final score of 5-3!

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