Saves, Dives, Headers and Shots……That Was Just in the First 60 Seconds of the Night!

Look closely on Tuesday nights at SEMP and you’ll see lots of awesome athletes being social both on and off the pitch!

First game of the night, Money Shots took on Feets of Strength. This game was super close. Money Shots had yet to play while Feets of Strength had just finished a game. This was obvious right from the start with Money shots showing off there speed and team work making Feets of Strength realize it was not going to be an easy match. First half went scoreless due to some amazing saves by both teams’ keepers. Second half went back and forth play with Feets of Strength starting to get worn out allowing Money Shots to get more and more shots on goal. In the end, Feets of Strength came out on top, scoring the only goal of the game with 5 mins left off a fast break one on one with the keeper. Final score 1-0, Feets of Strength.

2 Goals, 1 Cup Vs The Ball Handlers. This game was super exciting. Got off to a slow start the first half with both teams scoring 1 point back to back shortly before the first half. Second half was when things heated up. 2 Goals, 1 Cup scored a male goal almost right away giving them the lead for the first time. Ball Handlers however fallowed up right away with a female goal and then a male goal taking back the lead an increasing it by two points. From here is was back and forth goals every time 2 Goals, 1 Cup would score and get within a point, Ball handlers would score right back. With just 5 mins left 2 Goals, 1 Cup scored one last time and was really looking to take back the lead until out of nowhere, The Ball Handlers had a female rip an amazing shot, making it a 3 point game with under 2 minutes left. Final score 7-4, Ball Handlers.

Here’s how the rest of the action broke down:

FCBook had a strong showing against Small Hands Big Kicks taking the 6-0 win. Great defense!

MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED came up short against Bad and Boozy who also had an awesome defense. Final score: Bad and Boozy 3, MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED 0. Ouch!

See You Next Tuesday also couldn’t seem to put the ball in the net getting creamed 8-0 by Droos Boos. Double ouch!!

This must be the night for awesome defenses because En Fuego FC also blanked their opponent, That Escalated Quickly 2-0. What’s going on around here?!

Feets of Strength was also strong in the net not letting a single shot get through. Yep….another zero on the scoreboard! Feets of Strength 2, Small Hands Big Kicks 0.

It’s definitely Groundhog Day……2 Goals, 2 Cup 2 goals to Flooligans’ 0. What’s happening at SEMP on Tuesday nights?

Wait, could it be…..both teams scored at least 1 goal? Yes!! Unfortunately for Sports Brahs, Droos Boos scored 2 goals. Great game though!

The Ball Handlers took it to That Escalated Quickly by scoring fast and furiously. Final score: 7-0 for The Ball Handlers. Yikes!

OMG….these 2 teams went the entire game without scoring a single goal! It’s either terrific defense or lousy offense……not sure on this one. FC Book 0 and Fire Emoji 0.

Speaking of more zero’s, chalk one up for Sports Brahs who fell to The Centaur Forwards 0-3.

Finally, Money Shots scored early and it stayed that way until the last couple of minutes of the game. Possession went back and forth before money shots made an awesome pass to the center who scored a beautiful shot as the whistle blew. Final score: Money Shots 2, The Shins 0. Nice game!

After the games, everyone was enjoying $2 bud lights at Craftsman, and some delicious tacos. Lots of challenges thrown down for next week so join us at SEMP on Tuesday for some exciting play on the pitch!

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