How Do You Spell Soccer? S-O-C-I-A-L

Week Five


We’re getting close to the end of another super fun season of soccer up north, and week five was nothing short of exciting! There’s one more week before playoffs, and with the teams pretty much set in ranking, there’s nothing left to do but have a great time, socialize, and keep the party rolling at Little Woodrow’s afterwards with some $8 dollar pitchers of Bud Light and a great selection of food from the food trucks!

Let’s Get Messi vs Ball and Boujee


This was a very fun, super social game with killer passing from both teams.


In the first half, Ball and Boujee took the lead by scoring the first goal of the night. Let’s Get Messi was quick to follow suit and tie the game up for a score at the half, 1-1.


The cheering section for Let’s Get Messi stole the show in the second half as they chanted, “S-O-C-I-A-L! What’s that spell? SOCIAL!” I’d like to believe that the cheering is what gave Messi the edge to score their next 2 goals within 5 minutes of each other, giving them enough of a lead to set back and play defense the rest of the match. Let’s Get Messi and their fans went home with the win, 3-1!


Giddy Up Vs Footloose



This game started off looking very one-sided with Footloose dominating the first half, scoring 5 male goals, most of which were from amazing 20-30 yard shots! Giddy Up was having trouble “giddying up,” adjusting to the wet conditions, and just really didn’t have a chance to score.


In the second half, though, Giddy Up finally got the giddy up and was able to get some points on the board with a female touch! Two points for Giddy Up puts the score at 5-2, Footloose. Giddy Up still had some more in them and made an amazing Sports Center Top 10 Play goal! A guy around midfield crossed the ball up to one of his female players on the far side, a good 30-yard pass, who one-touched it straight out of mid-air, about another 30 yards out from the goal. The keeper is thrown off, not expecting a shot from a first touch, and the ball sailed clear over him, landing perfectly in the goal making it a one point game!


With just minutes left, we’ve got a close game on our hands! Both teams really start putting the pressure on each other, but Footloose managed to knock one more in, making the final score, 6-4!


Mas Scores, Por Favor

Son of a Pitch  9 AT Bayer Neverlusen 0

Train Wreck 13 AT Wide Open & Ready  3

Ball and Boujee 1 AT Let’s Get Messi  3

Tetzhu 3 AT Cash me outside howbow dah 1

Ballsagna  3 AT Game of Throw-ins  1

Win & Tonic  5 AT Buzz Killers  2

Footloose  6 AT Giddy Up  4

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