Thursday Night at SEMP for ASSC Soccer 8s was hot, hot, hot!!

Thursday night at SEMP….boy was it hot! Lots of sweat and lots of cool beverages with all the teams pulling out 2 games apiece. Let’s take a look at how it all went down:

Spread The Cheeky had a grueling night with 2 wins to show for it! They first took on Dream Team where the balls were flyin’ and goals were scorin’. Spread The Cheeky took the 6-2 Dub Yah easily.

Best game of the night was Happy Hour Heroes vs Spread the Cheeky. First half Cheeky had just enough energy left from their first game for 1 goal and they had to fight for it, scoring a really beautiful female goal in the 13th minute.  Happy Hour Heroes had lots of good chances but every great shot was knocked away by the keeper of Spread The Cheeky. Game ended 2-0 in favor of Spread The Cheeky. Nice game!

After a rest between games, Dream Team came back strong against Pitches Be Crazy with a 7-1 whippin’. Nice comeback and awesome goal tending!

Multiple Scorgasms had an interesting night with a nice win and a lousy loss! They first took on The Butt Kickers and managed 6 awesome goals to Butt Kickers 2. They then took on In The Corner Kickin’ It and looked like a completely different team. The heat was sinking in and players were drained and looking for relief. Multiple Scorgasms couldn’t get revived enough and took the 0-3 loss. They were kind enough, however to share their beer throughout the rest of the night with other teams! Awesome sportsmanship!

Finally, In The Corner Kickin’ It took on The Amigos in the last game of the night. In The Corner Kickin’ It had just come off a strong win and the heat was sinking in. First half was tight with The Amigos holding their own. The second half was a different story with In The Corner Kickin’ It pouring on the goals! In the end, it was 5-1 with The Amigos taking the loss. Whew!

Looking for some relief from the heat, everyone headed over to Craftsman for some cold brews and tasty tacos and some stories to swap. Another great night for ASSC Soccer 8s…..let’s do it all again next week!

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