Tuesday Night Soccer 8s at SEMP …. Some Close Games …. Some Not So Close Games!

Who was pitchin’ fits on the football pitch at SEMP Tuesday night? Let’s list it out to see who came out on top in ASSC’s Soccer 8s League!

Dances with Wolves had no chance against Centaur Forwards. It was a pounding, to say the least with Centaur Forwards taking the 12-2 win. We had headers, corner kicks and breakaways from chicks and dudes……everyone was scoring from everywhere!

Sports Brahs also had a strong showing against That Escalated Quickly with an easy 7-2 victory.

In a much closer game, Stonecutters faced Small Hands Big Kicks where goals for either team were hard to find. The game was scoreless until late in the game when Stonecutters managed to sneak one in to take the 1-0 win. Nice!

Dominators definitely lived up to their name, smothering Muells Old Boys & Girls 10-4! Yikes!

Next up, Feets of Strength won a close one against The Shins. Both teams scored early in the first half and took a 1-1 tie into the half. It wasn’t until late in the second half that The Shins had some nifty passing that resulted in the game winner. Final score, 2-1 for Feets of Strength!

Cheery Red Tomatoes had another strong night, taking on Fire Emoji on field 2. The Tomatoes scored early and often with a strong defense that held Fire Emoji to only one goal for the night. In the end, Cheery Red Tomatoes 6 and Fire Emoji 1.

Over on Field 4, Money Shots vs Droo’s Kids. This was a very even match up with both teams bringing in winning records. First half Money Shots had the money and the shot, scoring a female goal in the first 7 mins. Half time saw Money Shots ahead 2-0. Second half Droo’s Kids got a lucky break and had a penalty kick with just 6 mins left. They wisely chose a female to take the shot and she drilled in the tying score! Final score, 2-2 tie! Nicely done!

In another great game, Bayer Neverlusen vs Gooooaaaallll. First half Gooooaaaallllkept most of the pressure on only giving Bayer a couple of chances on goal. Gooooaaaallll, however, was able to sneak one in just before the half. Second half things heated up with Bayer tying the game up right away and starting to control the game. Once tied up, Gooooaaaallll started pressing again and scored another goal with 10 minutes remaining, taking back the lead. Bayer followed right behind, tying it back up with just 4 minutes later off a fast break. The game was tied up again, with only a few minutes left. Out of nowhere, Gooooaaaallll scores again to take the 3-2 win! Awesome!

After the games, everyone headed over to Craftsman for happy hour, enjoying hot food and cold libations. Let’s do it all again next week!

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