What’s Hot in Texas in July? ASSC Soccer 8’s!

Looking for some excitement on Wednesday nights in Austin? Well, head north for some ASSC Soccer 8’s action at Northeast Metro Park! Let’s see how it all went down this last week:

Son of a Pitch took on the powerful team, TETZHU over on field 7. TETZHU took the early lead with some nifty passing and goal scoring. They took a nice three goal cushion into the first half with Son of a Pitch still trying to find their game. They did manage to score two quick goals to at least get on the board, but TETZHU added more of their own to take the 6-2 easy win.

No Hands! had a nice night racking up two dominant wins to keep their place high up on the leader board. They managed to blank out Win & Tonic 5-0 and also knocked out Back That Pass Up 3-0. Now that is some strong defense!! Nice!

Next up, Ballsagna vs Lets Get Messi. First half Let’s Get Messi came out strong scoring a goal in the first five mins. While Ballsagna got off to a slow start scoring their first goal to tie up the game just before the half. Second half, Ballsagna was the team to start out strong, scoring two goals in the first three minutes of the half, giving them the lead for the first time. But Let’s Get Messi was not about to let the game get away and scored two goals of their own to tie up the game again! With just minutes left, Ballsagna scores again, making the final score 4-3! Wow….what a game!

Beercelona took on the fierce Drunk Flamingos in an epic game of back and forth. Once again, the winning shot fell just before the final whistle blew, giving Drunk Flamingos the 3-2 win! Whew!

In the final game of the night, Beercelona went up against Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra to see who would be the last team standing. Beercelona had just finished playing a tough game while Juanita was missing a girl and had to play down. First half was scoreless with lots of back and forth play. Second half still scoreless until late in the game when both teams punched one in, not more than 1 minute apart! Game ends in 1-1 tie!  Just goes to show, you never know what’s going to happen in ASSC soccer sometimes until the last seconds of the game!

As always, teams headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some hot food and cool brews to size each other up, off the field. With the playoffs just around the corner, we’ll see who will be the leaders and who will be the followers. Come join us next week for more awesome soccer up north!



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