World Cup Championship Final in Austin……well…….sort of!


It may not be World Cup but it’s the next best thing……ASSC Soccer 8s Championships!

All the teams worked hard this season to get to this point, so let’s see who ended up hoisting the Championship Banner out at SEMP!

In the games leading up to the semi finals, Pitches Be Crazy took on the heavy hitters from Happy Hour Heroes. Pitches Be Crazy must have already had their mind on the happy hour after the game instead of the one they were facing on the field! Happy Hour Heroes posted 6 goals to none for Pitches Be Crazy! That’s Cray-Cray!

In a much tighter battle, The Amigos went up against The Butt Kickers in a closely contested match. Both teams exchanged goals through the entire game. Lots of tight defenses and nifty shooting from both sides but, when the final whistle blew, they were still knotted in a tie. Game ends, 3-3. Dang it!

In the first semi final game, the always powerful Dream Team played the unpredictable Spread The Cheeky. Dream Team tacked one on early to take the lead and hold it until half time. The second half started slow for both teams with not many shots on goal, but then Dream Team hit their stride. They scored a nice one in the corner of the net and made another one from a nice pass on a cross. Final score, 3-0 with Dream Team headed to the Finals!

In the other half of the draw, In The Corner Kicking took on Multiple Scoregasms. This was a super close game with Multiple Scorgasms getting their first goal with 10 minutes remaining in the half.  They nearly held off In The Corner Kicking except in the last minute when Corner Kicking got the perfect chance and scored, tying it up with 1 apiece going into the half. Second half had lots of back and forth but neither team could score forcing the ultimate……a shoot out to determine the winner!!

In the shoot out Multiple Scorgasms went first making their first three shots while In The Corner Kicking missed their third. Multiple Scorgasms then missed their fourth attempt and In The Corner Kicking made theirs, tying it back up going into the 5th and final kicks. OMG this is exciting!!! Multiple Scorgasms made theirs putting all the pressure on In The Corner Kicking. They had their Keeper take the final shot so it was Keeper vs Keeper! Multiple Scoregasms Keeper blocked it for an amazing win!! Wow!

So, the stage was set, Multiple Scorgasms vs Dream Team. Dream Team came out strong scoring in the first two minutes of the match. Multiple Scorgasms now down by one with the wind at their back, were able to score and take the 1-1 tie into the half.

In the final half, once again Dream Team came out attacking and scored a quick goal to take back the lead. Dream Team continued to press using the wind to their advantage but were unable to find the back of the net for another goal. Multiple Scorgasms, on the other hand, were battling hard and fought to tie it back up. As the clock ticked down, Dream Team was able to hold on for the 2-1 win and take the Championship Banner for the title!! Yaw-Hoo……what a great game!

What a great season and the teams wasted no time heading over to Craftsman for cold libations and warm vittles! Everyone had a great time hanging out eating tacos, playing corn hole and socializing and toasting to the season’s new Champs…..Dream Team! Come join us next time for another exciting season on the pitch with ASSC Soccer 8s!

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