It might be a softball, but we play it hard for the wins!


Sunday Softball is back at Havins and have we got some stories to tell! Let’s get right to it:

13 was not unlucky for Texas Stampede as they walked all over the Masterbatters by 8 runs to take the win 13-5. Nice start Stampede!

Inglorious Batters couldn’t keep those axes swinging enough to keep up with Beer Sox. For every once around the bases for the Batters, Beer Sox went 5 for a score of 10-2 when the dust settled!

Masterbatters wasn’t done yet, however, trying to take out their earlier frustrations on Quit Your Pitchin’. This one stayed close until the last inning with Masterbatters posting up 7 runs to Quit Your Pitchin’ crossing home plate with 5 runs. Nice, close game!

Both Beer Sox and Texas Stampede had more gas left in the tank for another go at a win. Beer Sox dusted off their big bats and took it to Texas Stampede 10-6. Nice night on the diamond Beer Sox!

Rule 34 definitely came to play, almost shutting out Quit Your Pitchin’ in a hasty fashion. Quit Your Pitchin’ did manage to get 4 runners across the bag but Rule 34 went around all the bass 22 times……22 times! That’s like a football score….sort of!

In one of the closer games of the night, I’d Hit That was trying to do just that against Inglorious Batters. Both teams had some great defensive plays but managed to get a few hits in when they were needed. When the dust settled, Inglorious Batters 7, I’d Hit That 6! Awesome game!

Rule 34 got another shot to rack up the score on their opponent and wasted no time against Falling Apart At The Seams. They did allow 3 runs but not before racking up 11 of their own… goes to Rule 34…..again!

Saved By The Balls held their next 2 opponents to just 6 runs apiece while scoring 16 then 12 of their own! Get out of this team’s way, they do not mess around on offense!

In the game of the night, Falling Apart went up against Seams vs Snatch Monsters. It looked like the game was going to end in a tie because both teams were neck and neck the whole game! But somehow and some way Falling Apart at the Seams hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the last inning to take the Dub-Ya 9-8! What an awesome way to end the night!

There’s no better place to kick off the season’s happy hour than Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge. Lots of highlights….and lowlights….to discuss as well as new friends to be made. We will mos’ def’ be back next week…..will you?

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