It’s the Mother Bunting Playoffs at SEMP!

Last Thursday was playoffs for our Austin Sports and Social Club softballers down at Southeast Metro Park, and it was a night filled with plot twists and upsets! The top four teams that made it to the playoff rounds were Goatsuckers, who were ranked number one with an undefeated record, The Degenerates, seeded at number two, Mother Bunters in third, and Teabaggers in fourth. What was expected was to be a pretty straightforward night: the undefeated Goatsuckers should take home the “gold,” but like I said: twists, turns, and upsets!






The semifinals had seeds three and two facing off against each other: Mother Bunters and The Degenerates. The Degenerates were favored to win, but a stroke of good luck (or a solid swing) by the Mother Bunters had them sliding into home base one more time to put them ahead by one run!


The number two seed, The Degenerates, were handed an upset, 7-8.


They were great sports, though, because they stuck around to watch the number one seed, Goatsuckers, defeat the number four seed, Teabaggers, in a good old-fashioned spanking, 7 to 4. The Degenerates were even greater sports when they stuck around to watch the championship bloodbath that was anticipated to unfold between the Mother Bunters and Goatsuckers…


Championship Finals

Goatsuckers vs. Mother Bunters


It was not expected that Mother Bunters were going to advance to the finals, but they barely squeaked out that win against The Degenerates and suddenly find themselves playing for the championship banner! Hate to say it, but pretty much everyone was expecting them to be obliterated by the Goatsuckers, per their usual style of winning.


Already exceeding expectations, the first four innings of the final were extremly close! Going into the 5th inning is where Goatsuckers fell aaprt. With Moter Bunters scoring 5 runs in the fifth inning and 3 more in the sixth, they went untouched, beating the Goatsuckers 11-5! The worst loss the Goatsuckers have had to taste all season!



Congratulations, Mother Bunters!



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