Sunday Night Champs!

We are going to skip right to the good stuff because this game looked like it was going to be a blowout with indy team, The Brew Crew, taking a solid lead at 9-0 against Win’r’Lose, We Booze at the bottom of the fourth inning. Keep on reading below to see how the night unfolded, filled with plot twists and heartbreaks…


Championship Game

Win’r’lose, We Booze (white) vs The Brew Crew(pink)



Top of the 5th, The Brew Crew is up to bat and ready to continue their domination towards the mercy rule, but Win’r’lose played some great defense and managed to get three outs in a heartbeat!

Before lining up to bat, and Win’r’lose currently losing, they got their team together for a brief pep talk to remind each other that they had come so far and are in the finals, and cannot go out with a big, fat goose egg. Their first batter goes up and hits a line drive way out in the middle of the field, and manages to run all the way to third! Next batter goes up and lands a solid hit to get on base, followed Win’r’lose’s third batter who hits a home run to bring in his two players and himself!   Win’r’lose, We Booze finally got some points on the board, 3-9!


But wait! There’s more!


Win’r’lose, We Booze squeaked out 3 more runs in the fifth inning making it a 3 point game!


The 6th inning was total domination for Win’r’lose, We Booze! Again, they played great defense and did not let The Brew Crew get a single player on base! Win’r’lose is up to bat again.  First batter hits and it’s caught. OUT! Win’r’lose didn’t let one out defeat them though. They kept their heads up and the next two batters smashed their way to home base! If you’re keeping score, it’s now a one-run game, 8-9, The Brew Crew.

The excitement on Win’r’lose, We Booze could not be contained! The next two batters made base hits and just needed somebody to bring them on home! Their next batter, who is female by the way, hits a line drive down the middle to allow her other two teammates to advance to second and third! The ball in play is bobbled by their opponent. Batter gets out, but the two players on base waited for their magic moment and scrambled to home for two runs, putting them ahead by one run, 10-9, and also making them the new Austin Sports and Social Club champions of the season! Win’r’lose, We Booze celebrated their victory like they just won the world championship!

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