The Ultimate Season Recap

If you enjoy constant running back and forth, frisbees flying in your face, and $2 Dollar Bud Light happy hours, then ultimate frisbee is the sport for you! Every Sunday, our awesome group of Austin Sports and Social Club ultimate players meet up at Barton Springs to fling some discs and get their socializing on out in the sun! Check out how this past season fared!



Week One

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. Panic at the Disc-O



This game was so evenly matched that more than half of the first half was scoreless! Both teams managed to score once leaving it tied at half, 1-1. Second half, both teams are still playing at the same pace as each other, but the scores picked up, and the there were multiple lead changes almost every minute. With the score tied at 4-4 and only minutes to go in the final half, both teams gave it all they had which included a lot of good passing and some amazing catches. Unsolicited Disc Pics managed to throw one more disc into the end zone to take the lead, 5-4, but there was still time left for Panic at the Disc-o to give it one more valiant effort to try to score again. Panic at the Disc-o made it down to around the 5 yard line but was unable to put it away, giving Unsolicited Disc Pics the disc back with only thirty seconds to kill. Unsolicited Disc Pics took home the first win of the season, 5-4!


Week Two

DisCo vs. Unsolicited Disc Pics


Not all games end with a definitive winner. Such is the case for this match between DisCo and Unsolicited Disc Pics.

In the first half, DisCo came out strong, making some amazing catches and showing great team work! DisCo flexed so hard, they got 4 points up on the board before the half! For every amazing play that DisCo made, Unsolicited Disc Pics was right there to apply the pressure. Although they didn’t show off their scoring skills, they did manage to put up 2 points before the end of the half, making it 4-2 in favor of DisCo.


The second half was a straight up role reversal as Unsolicited Disc Pics turned the tables on DisCo. Unsolicited Disc Pics maintained their defensive stronghold and only allowed DisCo to score one more point before scoring 3 more points of their own! Unfortunately for both teams, time was not on anybody’s side, the clock struck zero, and the score remains tied at 5-all.


Week Three

Can you say “blow outs?”


DisCo 10 AT Panic at the Disc-o 3

Masters of DISCguise  4 AT Unsolicited Disc Pics  10



Week Four

Panic at the Disc-O vs. DisCo



Panic at the Disc-o took the lead for the first time this season at the start, 1-0. DisCo came back to tie it up 1-1 with 15 minutes to go in the first half. Panic at the DisCo made another 2 goals before DisCo decided to call a time out with 1:30 left in the half. There was a lot of back and forth and change of possession as the clock continued to count down. With only 10 seconds left, DisCo managed to score one more goal, ending the half 4-3, Panic at the Disc-o.


The second half got a bit more exciting with both teams going point-for-point after Panic at the Disc-o tied the game up at 4-all. Both teams spread the field for some quick goals to tie it up at 6-6 before DisCo was finally able to take the lead, 7-6, with just under 6 minutes left. Panic at the Disc-o attempted to answer with a goal of their own, but could never find the end zone. DisCo sealed their victory with one more goal to end the game 8-6!

Week Five

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. DisCo

Unsolicited Disc Pics scored 2 touchdowns (or whatever you call it) right off the bat, so it looked like they were going to just keep on scoring. It took a bit of time, but DisCo finally warmed up and was able to tie up the game and then take the lead, 4-3, with 4 minutes remaining in the half. Both teams were able to score one more time before the clock ticked down to zero. DisCo ran the field the entire second half and outscored Unsolicited Disc Pics four to one, to finish the game 9 to 5.


Week Six

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. Panic at the Disc-O

Unsolicited Disc Pics dominated the field in week six! Unsolicited Disc Pics led the way in the first half by 4 points. Panic at the Disc-o managed to finally get a point on the board with under 5 minutes left. Unsolicited Disc Pics was able to score one more TD in the last 15 seconds to make the score 5-1 at the half.

Their domination didn’t end there, they put up another 7 points in the second half just before the clock ran out, and Panic at the Disc-o just could not find their end zone. Unsolicited Disc Pics won 12-1

Playoffs – Championship Game

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. DisCo


As if you didn’t already expect it, Unsolicited Disc Pics made it to the finals to play against their week five rival, DisCo. Unsolicited Disc Pics was back with a vengeance to make up for their 9 to 5 loss, and DisCo was just looking to win!


Both teams seemed to be using the same strategy of launching hail Mary’s across the field, and 9 times out of 11 someone was there to catch it. The drive to win was so intense; all the players were just diving for every disc that came their way. Similar to their previous meet up, it was a close score from the very beginning with Unsolicited Disc Pics taking the lead, 3-2, at the half.


The second half is where things started to pick up and the game got interesting. DisCo continued to trail, but never gave up. They worked their way to the end zone to to tie the game up 3-3, but of course, Unsolicited Disc Pics had a response to their score and put one more up on the board to keep the lead. With only a minute left in the regulation game, Unsolicited Disc Pics was about to get ready to do their celebration dance, but DisCo managed to squeeze one more disc into the end zone to tie the game up, 4-4, just before the clock struck 0:00!


We are now going into sudden death, folks! First one to score, wins!


I guess DisCo felt like Lady Luck or Mary was on their side, because they decided to launch an amazing 40-yard throw into the end zone, and made an even more incredible catch for the win! And just like that, the tables were turned! DisCo defeated Unsolicited Disc Pics, 5 to 4!!!!


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