Wait, what’s that unidentified flying disc seen in the nighttime sky? It’s Ultimate!!


Barton Springs was once again playing host to ASSC’s Ultimate league play on Sunday nights and here’s how it all went down!

Five Finger Discount took on Disco to get things started. Even though the score may not reflect it, both teams stayed fairly close most of the game. Once Disco got some momentum and found their rhythm, however, there was no looking back. They took the win going away at 7-1.

Discs out for Harambe faced Pick It and Flick It in the game of the night. This was “old blood” vs “new blood” with more than just bragging rights at stake! Can the old dog fight off the young pup who’s looking to take the mantle? First half was super close with lots of good back and forth play, Pick It, however, did miss a couple of really big chances right on the goal line while Haramba had no problem scoring once they made it close. Score at the end of the first half was 5-3 Harambe. Second half things heated up when Pick It made a couple of huge plays throwing the disc the whole way down the field on a couple of drives to score from midfield! Pick It tied the game up at 7 all and had a chance to go up but couldn’t make the score.  Haramba then scored 2 quick goals to take the lead. Flick It scored once more but came up just a bit short for a final score of 8-9 favoring Haramba! Wow, what a game!

Another great night at Doc’s to wrap things up and throw down next week’s challenges. Lots of sportsmanship and camaraderie highlighted the night’s happy hour with some challenges waiting to be fulfilled for next week’s games. Come join us and see what all the fuss is about!

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