According to the Wiktionary, Wiffleball is defined as:


wiffleball ‎(uncountable)

  1. (US) A game similar to baseball, played with a lightweight bat and ball and suitable for children to play in confined areas. Also the ball used in that game.

Now that we know how to define Wiffleball, let’s check out how it’s played on Thursdays at Westover.


Just Here for the Beer went up against Making Wiffle Great Again to get things started. Just Here for the Beer proved they were here for other reasons as well…..like scoring some runs! They were locked and loaded from the start and never looked back! They ran around the bases 7 times and Making Wiffle Great Again only went around twice….hence the 7-2 final score :-/

Wiffle While You Work must have been too busy wiffling to notice they had yet to score a run by the end of the game. Village Idiots’ bats were on fire and thanks to some nifty base running, took the Dub-Ya 12 to zip. Awesome display!

In a closer matchup of the night, Wiff This went up against Watch Me Wiff…now watch me nay nay. Watch Me Wiff showed some moves both on the diamond and off, with lots of jammin’ and singin’ to go along with their battin’! They put up their big bats to score 7 while Wiff This scored 4 of their own. Too much music…..too much dancin’…..too much scorin’! Great improvement Wiff This!

Despite 1 blowout, all 3 games were really competitive outside of some slip-ups in baserunning. The plays on defense were stellar overall, many really good putouts to 1st base and a couple wall-bounce double plays. All teams are improving and the 2 weeks will be good for ‘resting up’ after a long first half of the season. Don’t forget to check it all out again after the Thanksgiving break!

There was no waffling for wiffleballers at Doc’s on 38th after the games were over. More crazy plays and crazy predictions for next week so come join us at Westover and….don’t forget to duck!

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