It’s almost Christmas….look out for the Wiffle-toe!


EWWWW-WEEEEE, it’s getting cold outside! Are we still in Austin Texas? Yes! We are at Westover Hills on Thursday nights for Wiffleball!

With the weather near freezing outside, the warm gym was heating up with some awesome wiffleball action! Some batters were ice cold against some new pitchers where there were lots of strikeouts with some power arms coming in as relief in the clutch. With each passing week, we continue to see improvement across the board on both defense and on the basepaths. Let’s hope it continues as we move into more competitive late-season action!

Games were all REALLY close. Players are getting a better understanding of situational running and the strikezone/pitch count, so the bases were loaded a lot. However, there were more strikeouts this time around where lots of players got caught looking at some nifty pitches! Let’s see how it all shook out last week:

Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay took on the powerful Just Here for the Beer to get things started. This was truly a game of strategy with every pitch counting and every base runner on high alert. The game stayed close early on with both teams tied at 5-5 at mid point.  Just Here for the Beer started to make a move….one run at a time and ended up holding on for the win at 8-5. Great game!

With possible playoff implications for later, Wiff This went up against the favorite, Just Here for the Beer. Again, both teams posted runs early with another 5-5 tie in the middle innings. In a stunning upset, Wiff This ended up with the needed runs to snatch victory in a 7-5 win! Sooooo exciting!!

In one of the more “social” games, the always fun Wiffle While You Work played Making Wiffle Great Again. Donning costumes seems the norm for Wiffle While You Work and this week was no exception. Light up beanies and Santa glasses/beard were in season but didn’t seem to bring much luck against Making Wiffle Great Again. Wiffle While You Work couldn’t seem to keep up during the game and took the 2-9 defeat. Oh well, St. Nick won’t be dropping coal in these stockings this year!

Doc’s on 38th kept up everyone’s spirits and body temperature after the final base was crossed. Whether it was Fireballs or fireplaces, everyone was toasty warm with lots of good cheer to share. We will be back again next week…..will you?

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