Sunday Wiffleball: Come Get A Wiff Of This!

There’s two weeks left in this winter season of wiffleball (not including Super Bowl Sunday), so what does that mean to you? Well, it means early bird registration opens up February 3rd for spring wiffleball, obviously! Season starts March 5th, so be the first in line to register! Don’t forget to join us after the games at Little Woodrow’s on Burnet for some awesome happy hour specials, including $2 Bud Light drafts and $8 pitchers!

Let’s jump right into Sunday night’s recap of some seriously fun games of wiffleball! Our first game of the night opened with A Case of the Wiffles against We Got the D (D is short for “Dragon,” you perverts!). Even though this game was a bit of a blowout, this opener takes home the prize for being the game of the night! A guy from A Case of the Wiffles was on fire! He caught almost every single line drive that came his way! (Sorry, dude. Unlike your catching abilities, we didn’t catch your name!) And then there there was Tumbling Taylor! This girl was diving and attempting to make any play she could! She really went all out to try to help pull out a win for A Case of the Wiffles. It was awesome and hilarious to watch! Unfortunately for these two characters, We Got the D handed A Case of the Wiffles quite the spanking, 18-1. We Got the D is 2-2 in the season, and A Case of the Wiffles is…well…defeated (0-4). Okay, so you’re probably wondering what makes this game so special that it earned “game of the night.” Sometimes, it’s not always about the score or some crazy Top 10 play that gets the title. At Austin Sports and Social Club we are all about a good time, and We Got the D and A Case of the Wiffles epitomized that culture! Both teams displayed awesome sportsmanship by cheering each other on, laughing, and just enjoying themselves despite the high score. These types of games make it fun for everybody, so shout out to both teams for Keepin’ It Social!

Game two was a showdown between Saved By the Balls and Blue Wiffles, with Blue Wiffles taking home the win in an easy 7-3 victory. The last game of the night was another blowout with the Village Idiots delivering a swift 15-2 defeat to BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 –did y’all intentionally leave those ones in your name?! Anyway, it looks like the Village Idiots aren’t so idiotic when it comes to wiffleball! They’re undefeated so far! Who will end their streak? We’re looking at you, Saved by the Balls and/or We Got the D!


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