Sunday Wiffleball: Come Play Wiff Us!

After a week off due to no games being played on Super Bowl Sunday, our Wiffleballers were back in action this past Sunday at the Northwest Rec Center!

We Got the D! unleashed their dragon (because that’s what the D stands for) on BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 and took the win, 11 runs to 5. We Got the D! (D is short for “dragon” you perverts) improved their record to 3-2 for the season, and BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 sits at 2-3.

Saved by the Balls went up against the undefeated Village Idiots in the second game of the night. It would seem as if Saved By The Balls answered the challenge from two weeks ago to knock the Village Idiots off of their undefeated throne because Saved By The Balls had the lead 3 runs to 1 going into the 4th inning. Feeling anxious about their imminent defeat, Village Idiots had to get it together and dig down deep. At this point, they were looking for a miracle! It’s bottom of the 4th, this is the last chance for Village Idiots, and what do you know? Village Idiots were able to score run after run! They scored so many runs that they were able to clench the lead and pull out a win, 6-3! Village Idiots remain undefeated!

The last game of the night had A Case of the Wiffles playing against Blue Wiffles in a battle of the wiffles that didn’t last too long. Blue Wiffles defeated the defeated team, A Case of the Wiffles, 10 to 3.

Next week is the last week of regular season before playoffs. We have BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 playing against Blue Wiffles in the opener, A Case of the Wiffles versus Saved by the Balls in game two, and Village Idiots against We Got the D! (D is Short for “Dragon” You Perverts!) in the last game of the night.

Happy hour after the games is at Little Woodrow’s! Be sure to stop by for a few (or more, who’s counting?) $2 Dollar Bud Lights and more fun off the field! See y’all next week!

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