Swing and a Miss……Swing and a Miss……Swing and a Miss…… Wiffleball is Back!



What happens at WWWWWWestover Hills Club on Thursday nights? WWWWWWWiffleball!!

All 3 games were within a couple key plays of becoming ties. In 2 out of the 3 games, the losing team had the tying and winning runs on base with 2 outs but some critical defensive plays prevented any free Wiffleball. Exciting stuff so let’s look at the highlights….shall we?

Wiffle While You Work  took on Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay  – Watch me wiff snuck by Blue in a strikeout-filled event actually living up to their name! They took the win 3-1 with wiffs galore!!

Wiff This went struggled against Making Wiffle Great Again.  Making Wiffle Great Again won handily over Wiff This 7-1, but Wiff This minimized huge innings every time with fantastic plays in the outfield. For some added latitude, a player for Wiff This wore a Halloween beard up to the plate for her first AB and had a monster hit …… quite possibly the first of the season for her. Both teams joined in her celebration showing the kind of sportsmanship ASSC is known for! Yesssss!

In the final game of the night, Just Here for the Beer battled with Village Idiots all the way up until the final AB.  They couldn’t capitalize with the bases loaded in their last opportunity and took the stunning loss at 4-6! Ouch!!

It was Thursday Night Football at Docs on 38th with the Cowboys and Vikings game on, so the whole bar was having a great time! Also, Thursdays are beer bucket and wing specials, so those were CLUTCH as always! Overall, a great night on the courts and in the pub…..let’s do it all again next week!



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