Who Would Take the Wiffle-Ship All The Way?!

The Event: Wiffleball Championship Tournament……….The Place: Westover Hills Club……..The Reason: To Hoist the Champion Banner and get a few free beers!!

Let’s get started with how the semi-finals action played out:

Village Idiots vs. Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay: In the first game, Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay barely made the playoffs as the 4th seed. In the last inning, down by 3 but STILL having a ton of fun and rooting each other on, Watch me wiff got a 3-R HR with 2 outs to tie up the game. Both teams were cheering for each other and the celebration was mad cool as they went into extra innings. Village Idiots ended up taking the narrow win at 6-5….what a finish!!

In the second semi-final matchup, Just Here for the Beer took on Making Wiffle Great Again: Although not as close as the other semi-final game, both teams fought hard to get into the Big Show. The game was close early but, in an upset, Making Wiffle Great Again came out on top 7-3! Way to go underdogs!!

Now for the big showdown to decide who holds the Championship Banner and has a couple of extra beers without having to pay for them!

Making Wiffle Great Again vs Village Idiots: Lastly, the championship was close play after close play with many off-ball outs- a few double plays, one-handed tags and force outs! Eventually the key for the winners was baserunning, as both teams were zoomin’ around the paths. Village Idiots won the ‘ship, 8-4 but it was a hard fought battle by both teams. Job well done with lots of nifty base running!!

Doc’s on 38th was packed for the Eagles/Giants game but more importantly…..the Wiffleball Champions! Wings were flyin’ and buckets of beer were all around. With so many close calls throughout the night, there was much to discuss and some left over emotions to let out. What a season…..let’s do it all again…shall we?!


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