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corporate races

Bull Icon with tie for austin ssc corporate races austin tx
corporate races

3 Amazing Race Formats

Photo Hunt

Participants receive a list of targets
Ex: an out-of-state ID, historical landmark plaque, etc.)
Participants snap a selfie with the target and upload to an event page
We audit the posted photos, award points for each, and declare a winner!

Clue Race

Participants scour the area in search of
posted clues then use the clues to
decipher a code, use the code to
solve the puzzle and win the prize!

Challenge Race

Participants receive a list of clues,
Decipher the clues and
race to the described location,
Complete Challenges at
each location and win!



Experienced SSC team members to organize event and answer questions from proposal execution through event completion.

Web Portal

Online platform where participants can electronically sign releases and register for your event.


A suitable indoor or outdoor venue for the event.


Custom printed t-shirt for each participant.


All equipment and materials for selected race and finish line amusements for spectators.


All judges, monitors and attendants necessary for selected race.


Trophies, Medals, Ribbons, Certificates or other awards recognizing performance, participation, spirit, etc..

Custom Add-Ons

Talk to your Corporate Consultant about what else we can do to make your race a success!

request a quote

Let the SSC provide a fun and interactive race for all employees!

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