Playoffs! (Wednesdays)


Shot Callers

As the Playoffs arrive, we are once again reminded that this is the best time of the year. NCAA Football is back and the Texas contingencies are winning, the NFL is on the cusp of its triumphant return, and Pumpkin Spice is heating us the interwebs in prep of its annual arrival.

Plussss the Wednesday Basketball playoffs are making their inaugural debut at Westlake Athletic Center!

The Shot Callers are the leaders in the clubhouse as they say, however, the winner of Pinkies Up! and Straight Shots are chomping at the bits to get their crack at the Callers.

Who will bring their A-game to the WACC?!

Come on out on Wednesday night and have a looksee for yourself as this is the Final rendition of this current season! After the games are over, head out to Docs on Brodie or South Congress for some delicious Brews and Drinks on special!

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