Whacky Costumes….Crazy Masks…..Halloween? No, Kickball Night at Havin’s!


Trick or Treat….smell our feet…….uh wait! We need those feet to kick the giant red ball! Here’s how it went down on this night of ghosts and goblins:

Fried Kicken got cooked by Ballcoholics 1-14…not much kickin goin’ on for the red shirts!

Happy Hour Hereos in their UT Orange jerseys took one on the chin from Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard 4-16. Ouch!

Don’t Stop Ballievin went up against Amazeballs and managed to score 1 run in each inning….taking the win by 3.

We Are Here for the Drink Specials blanked out MSR Athletics 7-0. Turns out, MSR Athletics was also just here for the drink specials!

In another close one, Alco-Ball-Ics went up against Go Suck Your Own Kick. Both teams scored early and kept it tied up until the last inning where Alco-Ball-Ics pushed the last 2 winning runs across…..victory at 6-4.

The team with the longest name…..”I wanna ki-ki-ki-kick u from ur head to ur toes” played Kick In a Box in what turned out to be a lopsided matchup. Kick In a Box took the Dub-Ya 10-3.

Let’s Get Social kicked it out of Kick it & Quit it 9-5 where the game was closer than the score indicated. Let’s Get Social pulled out all the stops in the bottom of the last inning to take the win!

Fresh Kicks of Ball Airlit up Fireball 7-0. Fireball couldn’t seem to find the right gaps in the field to push a few really good kicks through. Keep tryin’ Fireball…….there’s always next week!

Balls & Dolls took a beating at the hands of Pitches on My Kick 0-11, not managing a single run across the plate. They made up for it in costumes and ghoulish pranks!

Drinking Team with a Kicking Problem must have tipped a few too many back before the game! Ballers of the Bar shut them out 4-0 but everyone was too hyped up on sugar to even notice! Happy Halloween!

Kicks Out for Harambe brought their ‘A’ game tonight against Off With Sandpaper. Best game of the night. The officials had to bring their ‘A’ game as well because all of the plays were tight and down to the wire. Off with Sandpaper just had that slight edge. Not sure if it was the gorilla outfit, trex outfit, or yeti outfit that brought the edge.

The costumed teams headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge to continue the party. Lots of libations, candy, drink specials, snapchats and Facebook postings were in play! The best part is we get to do it all over again next week……sans the costumes!

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