Sand Volleyball: This is Where We Build Sand Castles…Right?


Hanover’s – Round Rock


Week four’s featured games started with an epic battle between Block You Like A Hurricane and A Team Has No Name in an exchange of points and leads! Both teams would take turns scoring 3 points in quick rallies to take the lead before the other side put an end to the run. This back and forth action went on until the score was at 20 to 19 with Block You Like A Hurricane at game point. A Team Has No Name was relentless and refused to let the ball drop. They fought back and were able to tie the game up 24-24 to bring the set to a shoot out at the cap point. Block You Like a Hurricane turned into a tropical storm at that point, and the ball fell in favor of A Team Has No Name, 25-24!

Going into the second set, A Team Has No Name carried over their momentum and went on a 6-point run to take an early lead. The rallies were intense, again, with Block You Like a Hurricane making some great saves and strategic dinks at the net, but the dinks just weren’t enough to pull out a victory. A Team With No Name put an end to the second set at 21-16. Maybe next time, Hurricanes.


Making our way down south to Moontower, the matchup of the evening was between For the Watch and That’s What She Set.


For the Watch built a 5-point lead in the first set and never looked back. They were able to hang on to their lead and take the first set, 21-19. In the second set, the rolls were switched like Freaky Friday. That’s What She Set came out f the gate and took 5-point lead of their own, giving For the Watch a taste of their own medicine. There was a bit of a game changer when For the Watch tied the game at 18-all. Determined not to be knocked out in two sets, That’s What She Set was pull away to finish out the game 21-19. With the match tied 1-1 and the scores extremely close, nobody knew which way the ball would fall until the whistle blew.  For the Watch played valiantly but was unable to keep up with That’s What She Set. That’s What She Set took the game, 15-8.




Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Tuesday night was a night of redemption for team Rough Sets.  In their first game against Beer Pressure, Rough Sets was caught in a rough patch and couldn’t handle the pressure being sent their way. Beer Pressure was too much and was able to knock Rough Sets out in two sets, 21-11 and 21-16.


The night wasn’t over for Rough Sets, though, as they had a double header to get through. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to go into a new game coming off of a loss, but that wasn’t the case for Rough Sets. They were able to pick themselves up and brush the sand off their shoulders (and any and everywhere else sand can get), and gave 1 Hit Wonders a run for their money. The run was so good for Rough Sets that they were able to score 15 points in a row on serves alone! Redemption was sweet for Rough Sets; they took the first set 21-5! 1 Hit Wonders didn’t take the first loss very well, so they rallied and made Rough Sets work hard for every point earned. Fortunately for Rough Sets, 1 Hit Wonders wasn’t able to catch a break and could never take the lead away. Rough Sets finished off 1 Hit Wonders, 21-17, and skipped off the courts to celebrate at the bar!




Wednesday volleyball is back down south at Moontower where The Outsiders played a great game against Block of Seagulls for the game of the night.


This game was all about communication and hustle. The Outsiders had both and was able to out-communicate and out-hustle Block of Seagulls in two sets.


The Outsiders had an amazing back row defensive specialist who ate so much sand to make sure no ball dropped while she was on the court. The Seagulls put up a good fight, but it was not enough to break through The Outsiders’ defense.  The Outsiders took home the W, defeating Block of Seagulls 21-12 and 21-18 in a much needed win after their tough loss last week. Way to go, Outsiders! Keep up the awesome hustle!



There’s always a ton of sand action on Thursdays all over Austin. We’ve got games in Round Rock, Pflugerville, and way south Austin at Moontower.

Hanover’s – Round Rock


Beginning at Hanover’s in Round Rock, the games were just too good for our officials to choose which was best, so here’s a quick run down of the note-worthy matches:


Benchwarmers versus Set ‘em Hussein went two rounds with the Benchwarmers controlling the entire match. They had amazing serves that were near untouchable, and when Set ‘em Hussein was able to finally receive the ball, Benchwarmers took ‘em to town (21-8, 21-14)!


Puddin Pops versus Get Off My Nets win the social highlight of the week. Puddin Pops are basically a mess and are there for the drinks and dinks! They show up early and stay late and are always having a good time. The two teams had a great time exchanging rallies; Puddin Pops spent most of their time laughing their butts off in the sand, and Get Off My Nets spent their time winning! Get Off My Nets did the damn thing and took the match in two, 21-15 and 21-13. Everyone walked away happy and wondering who was buying the next round!


Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Making our way down to Pflugerville, veteran team Bad Aces took on Empire Spikes Back in a friendly game of scrappy volleyball. There was a ton of chatter filled with positive vibes and high fives! The hustle was real on both sides of the court, but the experience from the veteran team outweighed everything else. Bad Aces took home the win in two sets, 21-12, 21-13!




Last but not least, the Volley Llamas faced off against Notorious DIG in a battle of the sixes! Coming off of their first win of the night, Volley Llamas were feeling cocky and confident in their double header. Momentum was going strong for the Llamas and they took the first set 21-15. Notorious DIG wasn’t about to go down like that. After dropping the first set, Notorious DIG came back to win the second one 23 to 21! The third set was a thriller to the very end! Both teams traded possession and points all the way to 13-all!  Volley Llamas had possession of the ball and just needed to be able to play under pressure to finish off Notorious DIG…can they do it? YES, THEY CAN! Volley Llamas pushed two more points to end the game,15-13,  and went home undefeated for the night!


If you haven’t had enough sand volleyball, there’s still more to come! Week 5 starts up March 6th (weather permitting), and ShamBLOCKS sand volleyball tournament is on March 25th! You’ve got 4 days left to get your team together and register to get in on the fun!

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