bull icon for Austin ssc interns

bull icon for Austin ssc interns


The Austin Sports & Social Club, the largest provider of adult co-ed sports in Austin since 2005, is seeking awesome people to serve as interns for our Digital Media, Marketing, and Operations departments. Our leagues are about having fun and making new friends, and sports is a great way for people to come together and have a good time. The Austin SSC internship is designed to give the student every aspect of running a sports-related business. Primary internship responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Operations Interns:

  • coordinating or supervising SSC sports and events, and overseeing promotional campaigns
  • inventory management, event preparation, and all things that go into making our leagues awesome
  • research and analysis of future programs

Marketing Interns:

  • assisting the implementation of targeted marketing strategies to facilitate growth
  • diving into grassroots marketing efforts and attend exciting community events
  • exploring market research to uncover new opportunities 
  • being a friendly face at youth and adult leagues to engage customer and capture content 

Digital Media Interns:

  • posting to social media channels and creating reels/highlights from collected content
  • managing social media ad campaigns
  • improving video and photo contributions from our leagues and events
  • utilizing email platforms for both marketing and engagement campaigns

Photography / Videography Interns:

  • creating content for social media and digital advertising
  • using software to edit footage, and work with our digital media manager to get a final cut
  • interviewing players at sports leagues

No business can give you more real world hands on experience. Over 50% of the time is spent in the field and not on the computer. Events are held Sunday – Thursday evenings, and a few weekend days over the course of the internship. The rest of the work is done at your own convenience (we meet weekly and discuss deadlines). Hours per semester depend on your department’s requirements, with a minimum of 300 per semester.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the following form to submit your application to join our team!

bull icon for Austin ssc internship

bull icon for Austin ssc internship

Qualified Applicants will be contacted by our staffing coordinator with further information.

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