Payment Options:

Captains may choose to pay the full balance and manually collect funds form players, or just pay a deposit and utilize our new TeamPayer option.

TeamPayer allows you to request money from players and have them pay directly. If the balance is not taken care of by the payment deadline, the card used to pay the deposit will be autocharged for the remaining funds.

Inviting Players:

Once you complete the registration process, you’ll be able to add players to your team and manually enter their name/email/shirt size.

Or you can invite them using the link provided via any messaging platform, and they’ll be able to join the team and select their uniform size.

NOTE: If the captain has not manually entered shirt sizes or a player does not selected their shirt size during registration, we cannot guarantee the correct sizes and players will receive sizes based on what we have available in stock.

Extra Players:

If you would like to have an oversized roster above the standard team size, you need to have a full team before extra spots can be added.



Payment Options:

A credit card is needed to complete your registration. All individuals are subject to a $1.95 conveneince fee. NO REFUNDS are offered for any reason other than if we are unable to place you on a team.

Signing Up With Friends:

During the registration process, you’ll be asked if you would like to play with friends. From there, you can enter their information so they’ll receive a direct link to play with you and it will notify the SSC that you would like to play with your friends.

Did you forget to send the link during sign up? No Problem! You can send a link directly to them from your League Lab dashboard by clicking the button labeled “Invite Friends to Play” which will allow you to email your friends or a link via any messaging platform.

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