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Past Sunday Funday players may recognize the sport, but for the rest of you, Mushball is here! If you don’t know what it is, have no fear…sometimes called 16-Inch Softball, Blooperball, or Chicago-Style Softball, it is just like our Softball Leagues except with a larger, softer ball. You don’t need a glove, and it’s bigger target, so strike-outs are rare. Leave the gloves at home and come give our newest sport a try!


10 players on the field at a time.


At least 4 players from each team on the field must be female. No more than 2 males may bat in a row. Each team must provide their own bats (ASA certified).
Other than the ball size, Mushball is played with standard Softball rules. Please click here for detailed rules.


  • Guaranteed 7 games
  • 1 game per night most weeks
  • Playoffs on week 7 for top teams
  • The number of teams in each league to make the playoffs varies per season
  • Trained officials
  • All equipment aside from bats
  • Color-matched Austin SSC T-shirt serves as your team uniform
  • Official happy hours with exclusive specials are held following all games


INDIVIDUALS: make just one payment at the time of registration.
TEAMS will be presented total amount at time of registration, but have two options…

Option 1: Pay total amount as presented.

Option 2: Enter down payment of “$200.00” in Amount to Pay box, then pay balance…

by Credit Card online before close of registration or

by Cash or Check at shirt pick-up. (no convenience fees)

QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO REGISTER? Watch an instructional video on signing up as an Individual. Or click here for FAQ.


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