ASSC 3’s Basketball Getting Tighter on Thursday Nights at SEMP!

Thursday night basketball at SEMP is getting tighter and tighter with so many teams so evenly matched. Let’s take a closer look at these games as teams start to gel:


Shots! Shots! Shots! scored some baskets, baskets, baskets….unfortunately, their first opponent scored more baskets, baskets, baskets! The Real Ultimate Warriors led for most of the game and added a couple of late female goals for icing on the proverbial cake. They took the 20-15 win. Shots! Shots! Shots! was just getting warmed up though. They were caught in a hard fought battle with Poodles and trading baskets for most of the game. They had a one point lead going into the final seconds of the game and managed some stingy defense to take the 20-19 win. Awesome!

Speaking of close games, FSU won a squeaker against Poodles, who was just coming off a heartbreaking loss. Again, both teams had timely shots and key steals to keep it close. In the end, FSU took the 20-17 win. Nice! In their second game, however, FSU looked winded and couldn’t seem to get on the board. The Real Ultimate Warriors scored early and often and made quick work against FSU for the 20-10 win.

FMSP had an interesting….and confusing night! In their first game, they creamed CP3 and O 20-8, then were dumbfounded when they could barely get on the board against Haters gonna hate. FMSP scored first and looked like they brought their momentum in from their first game to run away with their second. Haters gonna hate got hot with their shooting and some timely female shots that started racking up the points. In the end, Haters gonna hate 20, FMSP 9! Ouch!

Finally, Super Sloths game out of the gate strong for their first game then hit a wall in their second. Haters gonna hate was just coming off of an awesome game and were just getting warmed up. This was a great game with lots of possession changes and 3 pointers from outside bombs! Guys….girls….benches….everyone was scoring! Haters gonna hate had a chance to tie it up at the buzzer but the shot fell short. Score at buzzer: Super Sloths 20, Haters gonna hate 18! Fantastic game!! In their next game, Super Sloths couldn’t seem to keep their momentum going late. CP3 and O had an earlier defeat so were looking for redemption and managed to stay a couple of points ahead the entire game. In the end, CP3 and O 20, Super Sloths 15.

As always, Toss Pizzeria was the place to be for hot food and cold brews after the games! With the teams coming together mid season, it’s anybody’s guess who will come out on top for the Championship. Let’s do it all again next week!

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