ASSC 3s Basketball Hoists Another Championship Banner!

Awesome, fun night at SARC, Thursday night basketball for this season’s 3s Championships. The stands were packed! Seemed as if every team brought friends and or family members to come watch them play in the play-off games. We had 4 of the toughest teams to play in the playoffs and they all showed some of the best sportsmanship all season!

Here are some of the preliminary results from other games leading up to the finals:

Rim Jobs had a consistent night against both their opponents but……by only scoring 18 points to their opponents’ 20, they came off on the losing end for both games! In their first game, Hoops There It Is took them to the limit and had a buzzer beater by one of their females to take the 20-18 victory. Speaking of 20 points, Hoopsters also tacked on some male and female shots to take out Rim Jobs 20-18. Can you say deja vue?

In an awesome, defensive game, Facebook Ballers barely edged CU Next Thursday for a 17-14 win.

In another exciting game, both Hoopsters and Hoops There It Is did NOT want to lose this game! They fought and scraped for every point, whether they were headed to the finals or not! In the end, only 2 points separated these teams and the last 1 standing was…..Hoops There Is Is! Great game and great season!

In the top bracket of the semi final action, Facebook Ballers took on RIP Charlie Murphy in what turned out to be a lopsided affair. Facebook Ballers ran into a power house defense and could only manage 8 points for the entire game! RIP Charlie Murphy took the 20-8 win!

In the other side of the draw, CU Next Thursday went up against Bad News Ballers with the winner advancing to the big show….the Championship game! This was a close game throughout with Bad News Ballers always managing to keep a couple of points ahead. In the end, CU Next Thursday couldn’t seem to close the gap and took the 12-20 defeat. Teammate Kristina went down with an injury and the entire team escorted her to the ER! Now that was spirited support!!

With some great play-off games, the Championship game was even better! The 2 teams that played, were truly the 2 teams that deserved it. If the winner was based off more the just the final score, however, the banner and bragging rights might have gone to Bad News Ballers. This team displayed good sportsmanship against a very tough team! They were out matched by both height and skill, but when it  came to heart, they were true champions! They managed to hold RIP Charlie Murphy to just 16 points as time ran out, to their 8 points. What an awesome season and tournament as everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria for some post game celebrations.

Lots of cold beer and hot pizza to celebrate another successful, and social season with ASSC! Check your schedules and see if you can join us for another great season…ASSC style!



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