Where Can You Score 1, 2 and 3 Points….All In The Same Game?! ASSC 3s Basketball!!

What a great game…everybody gets to play…..you can score all kinds of points from all over the court…..plus…..being a chick definitely has it’s advantages!! Let’s see how it all played out Thursday at SARC:

For FMSP, can you say Groundhog Day?! They managed to score 12 points in both their games while their opponents both scored 19 points to take the victories! What?! In their first game, they went up against Poodles, who proved to be tougher than their team name suggests! Poodles went out to an early lead and never looked back. As time ran out, FMSP 12 and Poodles 19. Next up, The Real Ultimate Warriors also scored 19 points while FMSP also scored 12 points. Note to teams…..it’s okay to score more than 12 or 19 points!

The purple jersy’d Super Sloths notched a couple of nice wins for the night. Their first game was hard fought where both teams held tight on their defenses and made some timely baskets to keep it close. At the buzzer, Super Sloths 20, The Real Ultimate Warriors 16! Great game! With momentum in their favor, Super Sloths took on Poodles, who were just coming from an earlier victory. The Poodles looked tired and winded and fell 12-20 to give Super Sloths their second win of the night!

Shots! Shots! Shots! couldn’t seem to make them drop! drop! drop! They had a nail biter against Haters gonna hate, with both teams poised to take the win. It literally came down to the last shot and Haters gonna hate took the layup right down the lane to win by 1! Awesome game! Next up for Shots! Shots! Shots! was CP3 and O. Their earlier, narrow defeat, seemed to linger and they lost any momentum they had. CP3 and O took it to them early and often taking the 20-8 win! Oops!

Finally, FSU had their hands full in their first game against CP3 and O. They were just coming off a dominant win and looked unstoppable. FSU fell behind early but took a well advised timeout to regroup. They must have all drunk the same punch because they came out like a different team! Screens, pick and rolls even an alley oop led them to a 20-17 victory! Great game! But….wait….they still had another game to play. They went up against Haters gonna hate, who were riding high from an earlier win. FSU had some miscommunication issues and were certainly winded from their earlier game. Haters took advantage of their momentum and took it to FSU 20-12! Ouch!

After the games, teams headed over to Toss Pizzeria for camaraderie, cold beers and more sportsmanship to spread around. This is how we do it at ASSC! Come join us next week!

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