Let’s Tip It Off….Shall We?!!

It’s raining outside…..wait…..it’s raining 3’s inside NWRC on Sunday night! Come on in out of the weather and sit a spell!

Take a look at the night’s cagematch rundowns on the hardcourt:

Here4Beer was no match for the powerful Oreos who ran roughshod to take their first game of the night 20-4. Too many screens, fadeaways and good defense to get much going for the Beers but at least they saved plenty of time for Happy Hour!

Same could be said for Go Harden the Paint as they dominated James of Thrones 20-9. In their next matchup, James was just getting warmed up and took their next game to victory over Bosh.O 20-11 with some spectacular shooting displays by one dude in particular. He could not miss tonight!

Game of the night goes to Go Harden the Paint vs Oreos with both teams matching up nicely and still all sweaty from their previous games :-/

Oreos controlled most of the game with physical play down under and managed to keep the lead for most of the game. Thanks to some powerful female 3’s, (get out your umbrella!) Go Harden the Paint kept it close and continued to press the cookies. With every passing minute, the game stayed tight with both teams exchanging fouls down under. Harden missed a few critical free throws to give Oreos a chance to take the win. Strategic time out called with both teams looking for the win! Ultimately, Oreos couldn’t convert their chances and Harden came back and took the win 20-19 with a two point shot at the buzzer! What a game!!!

Little Woodrows was the place to be after the game. It might be raining outside but it’s festive and dry inside with players tipping back a few and reliving some of the night’s highlights. Let’s do it all again next week!




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